Christmas Cards READY??? !!!!

Yes, it is only a little over a week until Christmas.  I made almost 50 Christmas cards this weekend.  A bit late, but done!

You may start receiving your Spring Mini Catalogs and SAB Catalogs in the mail.  SAB is only from January 4th – FEB. 28th.  Yes, only two months this year.  But an awesome special for those who want to save money – join my friends and I and you can buy just for you and get 200 sheets of DSP FREE!  Yes, there is other items that go with it, I am just such a DSP person I would not be able to resist this!

For those of you who have been following me, yes, the nativity was put up – thanks Kim (picture below) and I finished cooking down apples for applesauce.  Who knew you could not fill the pot to the top with apples and water then heat to boiling? (Not me or Katie!)  Oh, yes, there was a bit of sugar in there too.  Oh, yes, it did boil over, all over, ALL OVER the stove.  But, I am thankful I had another pan to divide the apples into, and even better, it is done!

I still have some of those $50.00 boxes (check out Sept. 22nd post, no I could not figure out how to link it…) with over $150 to $200 worth of product in them for sale as well as gift certificates if you need to let someone know what YOU want for Christmas!

Nativity with light shinning down.

Applesauce (note: no picture of stove!)

Thanks for supporting me and for letting me be your stampin’up! person!

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