Welcome BACK!!!


2010 classes, workshops and meeting have offically started!  I am so excited.  December is always such a slow month it seems like a reunion of sorts when classes and such start back in full swing in January.  I have really missed everyone.  With Wendy still getting settled from Leadership I have been having fun seeing everyone.  We had a workshop on Sunday, downline meetings on Tuesday and class today.  SO much fun to catch up with everyone and to hear all the adventures of the past weeks. 

This is a little gift we are having everyone who comes to class or workshops (actually any time you walk through the door!) make.  I was really excited when I saw the stamp back in July and could not wait until Valentine’s to start making the cute treat.  One HUGE drawback was finding lollipops!  Yes, you would think that would be easy – just run to Walgreen, Wal Mart, Woodman, the Dollar Store, the Card Shop, the grocery store – NOPE! None of them had red lollipops – let alone heart ones!  With me not driving yet – I have customers looking out for me and they were amazed that they were not out yet either.  Finally, my friend found 10 for me and then I discover Toostie Pops worked!  The day has been saved!  So stop by for a class, workshop or just to play and make a treat!  Oh!  yes, guess I am soppose to tell you what I used!  bad me!  It is from the SU big Cattie ‘Whoo’s Your Valentine’.  If you want to order the stamps and cardstock to make these cute treats you can email here.  Remember all orders over $50,00 qualify for FREE stamps!

Happy Stamping!


(really the other wendy wrote this!)

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  1. Audrey says:

    I love those! Can I make them for the kids’ classmates? Are they front back or just front? Also call me! I’ve left you messages but have more info. Please call!

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