Funny story while we wait for the NEW Holiday Catalog!

I have this really good friend in my life that has really lead me through the last few years, and today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Kim!  She also leads my support team and we had a team meeting scheduled for this am.  I wanted to surprise her with a cake.  Okay, here is the disclaimer – I can hardly cook let alone bake.  I can make one spring summer dessert – Lemon Mousse – that is it.  I really believe in Whole Foods Bakery and Godiva Chocolates. 

So you ready for a funny – looking back funny story – we have a about 10 hours until we can order from the Holiday Catalog – no, the story is not 10 hours long – but almost!

I find a cake recipe online at Delish (I have used them for a couple of recipes before) that sound great – oh, she loves lemon and I am sure she thought I was going to make the Lemon Mousse – the recipe is: Bursting Berry Lemon Bundt Cake.  Cake ! Cake – how much different is a bundt cake from a flat cake ?

I call my neighbor – who is an awesome baker, her husband also bakes great apple pies – and ask to borrow her bundt pan.  She brings it over.  Okay, you know how when you want to really do something nice for someone and you want it perfect – but since it is totally new your afraid to take the first step… that is where I was at.

I have the recipe, have all the things it said I would need.  Ready to go.  Pull out everything I think might be used in baking – see the picture – not knowing what two even are for.  I know the pan has to be buttered and floured – I can do this and if after the first coating of flour there are any holes you spray it with Pam and flour again (thanks Marie!).  Okay did this over sink.  Looks good to me.  About a half of cup or so of flour in sink – no idea to even think this is a problem – yet.

Now mix flour, powder, salt with whisk – okay, no problem.  Wait – they are all white – HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THEY ARE MIXED??  Google (You know computers and I have a mutual hate..not like… each other society, so really stepping out here using google) No great answer – okay, just going to guess this is mixed okay.

Now have butter soften on counter and eggs at room temperature.  Beat with mixer on high 4 minutes or until LIGHT AND FLUFFY!  Really – google again – oops definitely not about cooking.  So WHAT is LIGHT AND FLUFFY (a cat!).  Butter and sugar were mixed after 30 seconds, never changed…. LIGHT AND FLUFFY – who knows going with 4 minutes.  

Add eggs one at time – hint here – do NOT crack eggs on side of bowl..yes, I hear you laughing.  On third time at making this cake watched a google Utube of all the eggs going in at once…so many different ways.  Eggs in.  (Yes, it took three tries to get the cake done – funny now, not so funny at the time – learning new skills is hard!)

Now need Lemon peel… see dangerous item picture… Which side, how do you do it and not get to the middle part of the lemon, it does not say to wash first – but of course you do – oh, hint here too – this item, machine, gadget EATS YOUR THUMB KNUCKLE!  No Utube on how to get lemon peel.  No blood in batter.  Okay, have the lemon like shaved around –  NO peel – you have to put you hand inside and it drops on your hand – really, all this for a Tablespoon of lemon peel.  Yes, going to do this right.

Vanilla – easy, I know I have this – really I have friend who bring real vanilla back for me from Mexico.  Yes, it too has disappeared like – really! – now! – okay in the back and I mean back back (get up on a stool to find and reach) of cabinet is a bottle from Watkins with about a inch in it – okay, that will work, only need 1 teaspoon (well, 3 teaspoons in the end) Okay that in.

Beat in flour mixture and buttermilk alternately.  I have this – and I beat it really good  each time, a lot – on all three attempts.  When the third try is in the oven I am reading -google- and you mix these in separately so you DON’T OVER MIX AND MAKE THE CAKE DENSE!  Is it me or should that not be IN the directions!  Do like all of you that bake just know these things?!?!?  My cake will be dense.

Now, before I FOLD IN – google – oh, means use that white thingy you scrap sides with – the blueberries I taste the batter from the mixer beater… bad – gross – like sour milk old fruit – yukky, yukky, yukky.  Definitely something wrong… google – bad taste, sour milk, old lemons (I know I just bought them!) no good answers.  Okay, not even heat can help this – into the sink – with the flour… batter goes down, but what is this white paste?!?!  Big Hint here – do not leave flour and water in your sink to set – it makes PASTE you have to DIG off.

I decide am going to do this again – use new jar of curd (first one was opened a week before, but you know it had to be something).  Repeat above with all same questions, wondering which other things could have made it bad.  The lemon peel – nope that tasted okay.  So maybe it was the curd, test taste – okay, added blueberries. I have the pan still ready to go. 

Into the oven – timer set.  Cake cooking – cook 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 minutes or UNTIL TOOTHPICK INSERTED IN CENTER COME OUT CLEAN?!?!?!  Uhmmmm…. the bundt cake has a hole in the center – so you mean – around the edges????  Google – totally different instructions — until the sides pull away.  Okay, toothpick sort of dry, sides push away okay.  I did it… just cool completely on wire rack.  I have this down.  So excited.  Work on Stamping things – class schedule, Bundle Sale, newsletter… Finally pan is cool to touch.  Have a large plate to tip it onto …. Ready  ….. TOTALLY FALLS OUT!  As in no piece bigger than 2 inches.  Not happy, not good.  BUT it taste really good. Come on Cheryl, just make the Lemon Mousse!

Nope – google – All different information.  Most sites saying to cool for up to 20 minutes on wire rack then take out of pan and cool completely.  Okay – Round three – last try as it is now close to midnight and I only have enough ingredients to make one more.

No questions about mixing whites, light and fluffy, folding in… just do it.  Oh, yes have to wash and re-flour pan…. more paste on sink – but know how to scrub!

Cake out of oven, on wire rack for 20 minutes, use knife on side to pull away – and a cake IN ONE PIECE on the plate.  I can bake!  Went to bed, got up and did topping in am – I know how to mix lemon and Heavy Whipping cream as use those for the mousse.  Cake ready by 9:00am.  Friend and team like and say it is great. 

Took pan back with a piece of cake to neighbor – the baker, who I now am in total awe of – says it is good.  PAN no longer in my house – never can cook this again, but so glad i did.

These things are in the same cabinet as mixer must be used for domething!

Baking Tools?!?!

Dangerous knuckle eating tool. Like who invented this and why are they all together instead of one each????

Batter in Bundt Pan.

Batter in buttered floured bundt pan. Taste good – yes I checked out the beaters – remember the first try!

A cake, a whole cake!

I can BAKE! Not really. But a WHOLE cake on a plate, not in crumbles. Not burnt. Okay A CAKE!

Finished Cake!

The final product! Really Good thing I teach card making and NOT baking! I know the frosting top is good and hand checked each blueberry! Yes, that is extra lemon peel on the top too, I added it like an embellishment.  Cake made with love.  Learning this friend thing!

So this is my crazy day – what did you try that was crazy but was for a friend so you did it?  Share!  Thanks for reading my saga…. Just think you are so much closer to being able to order!  Use the September Host Code:  7TXFA7Y6 and you can order online here.  Remember to check you newsletter for the different bundles with free classes for each month.  This way you can spread out your spending.  I was going to say budget your spending but budget and stamping do NOT belong in the same sentence!  My extra classes are in the newsletter and will be on the new Calendar site after September 10th!  I am very excited to use this new upgraded calendar site.  Happy card making and to you bakers – my hat is off to you!


Blog Widget Works – Thanks Patti!

You all know I am not a computer person (Bet you are even amazed that I know what a widget is!).  Working on Blogging and Facebook…… you know that road paved with good intentions… I think that is my blog!  Wonderful Patti helped me get the Current Big Catalog on the side so you can look at it.  If you want a catalog to TOUCH let me know.  She was awesome to try and step me through it but I missed a step…. one step!  Thanks Patti!

This is not just a tree …

This is a Tree Changing it colors!!!  Yes, this tree is just 20 minutes north of my house.  It means…. SNOW is coming!  Okay – closer to snow than a few months ago!  My heart is doing the happy dance.

Looking forward to the new Holiday catalog!  I have my Bundles for September through December planned out and a “Plan” for classes.  I decided to show you on the 1st of September my bundles for the Holiday Catalog to help you in your budgeting.  Like why is budgeting and Holiday Catalog have to even be in the same sentence?

Stampin’UP! will be finishing the MAJOR overhaul to my website that has my calendar on it.  I will be updating the calendar on September 10/11th as SU complete the work.

Please have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend.  My friend, Kim, is hoping for one more sunbathing kind of day.  Yes, I have friends who love summer…?!?!?


New holiday catalog is HERE !


Great Fallish(my word) summer day here in Wisconsin! Yes, looking forward to winter.  Maybe first a good Fall of apples; apple sauce, apple cider, apple donuts… you know!

Many – most of you have received your Holiday Catalog. What do you think? I LOVE it!  Really hard to stay on budget with this catalog! (and I don’t mean just snowmen!!)  Love all the glitter and DSP and PUFF Paint, Copper EVERYTHING and WICKED Halloween… Yes, it is a bugdet breaker!  We have a few months to get it all.

I am scheduling my extra classes through the end of the year. Any Bundle/Set jumping out at you that you would like a class on? Some of these classes will include product!

I am planning a couple of Christmas Stamp A Stack, A Fall/Halloween class, a Class making the Advent Calendar (great for grandkids or a new family tradition!) – I will have the stamp set and inks for you to use.

Have some girl friends who need a night out – We can make some great cards… you supply the friends, wine, chocolate…..

Also thinking of doing an benefit/ open house with the set that SU gives $3.- to Mental Health Organizations. I would have prizes, M&T’s, and Bingo? with the money going to a group here in WI.

Let me know what you want – there are some fun new toys to play with.

Contact me if you do not have a New Holiday Catalog and I will get one out to you.

Happy Stamping!

Bold or Pastel – All Are wonderful!

Class on Thursday was so much fun!  Everyone was okay with the new times.  I loved the new time, as we all know I am not a great morning person!  I have been getting up at 6:00am to weed…ok, that is a different rabbit trail! 

I wanted to share the insides of a card we made.  Dawn went with stamping off and the pastel look and Marie went with the bold direct color look.  I love when my friends come and just play and have fun.  It is so good to just see them “make the card their own.”  Dawn working on the inside of her cards

It turned out great!

Marie sharing the insides to her cards.

No, I did not get pictures of the front of their cards…duh!  Next month.  I love that everyone feels free to do their own thing.  Here is the front of the sample card.  I used a lot of very BRIGHT colors.  See the list below.

This card is very simple, but fun.  Everyone would love one in their mail box!  The back ground is from Geared Up Garage Stamp Set and the Stamps in Black (birds and saying) are from Free As A Bird Stamp Set (see my new Bundle of the Month Class it is all about the Birds! ).  The colors, from left to right are: Flirty Flamingo, Lovely Lipstick, Grapefruit Grove, Pineapple Punch, Granny Apple Green, Balmy Blue, Gorgeous Grape.  Pineapple Punch and Granny Apple Green are up and down all the other are side to side.  You can buy the bundle and the Ink Pads here.  Be sure to use the host code SV2U237T to get the FREE cards!

See you at the next class on August 15th, at the Quality Inn in Lodi…. never know who will show up!  Come join the fun!



I had a great birthday and thank you all for your Birthday Wishes – in person, in the mail and online.  Thank you for being part of my tribe!

A friend was over for my birthday and mentioned she had not seen any mention of the specials… my oops!  I had it on Face Book and my newsletter but not here on the blog… so…

First Special:  My New Bundle Of The Month Class!

Each month you can order the bundle of the month at my online store and received FREE eight cut cards to assemble and colored PDF of instructions.

The idea behind this was many people requested cards when they could not come to class because of travel, weather, or distance. This is like one of my classes coming to you in the comfort of your home!

You will order the bundle at my online store with the monthly host code. The host code will let me know who to send the cut cards and PDF to. 

July Online code is:  SV2U237T


page 90-92 in the Big Catalog

The host code will be different every month as will the bundle. It will be announced on the First of each month. You can add on to your online order additional items. Example – the first month was the bundle FREE AS A BIRD on page 91 of the catalog. You could add additional items from that Suite, and other inks or items used to make the cards.

Bundle of the month Classes do not qualify for snowflake points.

You can order the Bundle of the Month Class from the first until the 25th of the month. I will be sending out the cut cards and the PDF before the 28th of each month.

Join me for classes at your house!

Second Special:  Just in time for my new class:

For every $50 you spend July 1-31 (before shipping and tax) you’ll get a $5 Bonus Days coupon code that you can use August 1–31. There’s no limit to how many coupons you can earn, so shop all month!!

When you order the Bundle of the Month class you will get a $5.00 coupon to use in August.  Stampin’UP! is so great to have this on the first month of my new special!  Shop here at my online store!

Remember the Bonus Day Coupons will be emailed to you… DO NOT LOSE THE EMAIL – they can not be re-sent. 

Third Special:

The Ultimate Bundle Special!

The Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit IS the Ultimate Bundle! Purchase the Starter Kit during July or August and get:

  • EXTRA – GET BONUS PRODUCT! Get YOUR CHOICE of up to $155 in products for $99 (that’s $56 in free products, an additional $30 than normal) and the kit ships FREE for another 10% savings.  You can include products from any current Stampin’ Up! catalogs. 
  • EXTRA, EXTRA – GET A $10 COUPON!  Those who purchase the kit and join Stampin’ Up! will be emailed a $10 coupon code the following month to redeem on an order placed by Oct. 31.
  • SAVE 20 -25% on personal demonstrator orders while you are active.
  • Learn about what it means to join my team of CRAZY SU STAMPERS (by purchasing the $99 starter kit).
  • Join Just for the Discount!   There’s no obligation, just fun!
  • If you have any questions or want to talk, call me at: 608-576-3198 or email me here.

I know this is a lot of information.  I am here to answer your questions.  If you would like a new, current catalog email me here.


Just Announced

For the first time EVER, Stampin’Up! is adding STAMPS to the Clearance Rack!!!
I don’t know how low the prices will be, but I know that they will be added on June 26th, at 12:01am Mountain Time!
Everything in the CLEARANCE RACK IS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, so shop early for best selection.
I wanted to get the word out today, along with the stamps that will be added, so you can be ready tomorrow! There are a lot of other goodies already in the Clearance Rack, and who knows what else, besides the stamps, will be added….
So make sure to CLICK HERE tomorrow to check it out!


Trimmer Blades available JUNE 27th, 10am (MT)
I know many of you are anxiously awaiting this information….
A LIMITED SUPPLY OF TRIMMER BLADES will be available beginning at 10am MT on Thursday, June 27th.
I believe there will be a limit of 3 packs.  The order number is:  #126995
For best chance of getting them click here to order online.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Follow me on Facebook!

2019 New Catalog Day!!

New catalog goes live today June 4th at noon (MST)!  Yes, we are all counting the minutes.  I made a video with some sneak peeks in it for you to watch while your waiting or when you get a chance.  Let me know if you need a catalog!

Here is the video link:

Happy Stamping,


UP TO 25% Off Retiring Products!

Ok, I know I said I was not getting all involved in the retiring list – Well -Stampin’UP! just announced that starting tomorrow the 30th of May at noon they were going to discount some of the retiring item.  So I wanted you to be sure an know this.  If there is some thing you want please shop here.

Remember my BOGO sale is this Saturday at the house rain or shine.

I am going to the dentist and doctor… I know two in one day, but I will answer all calls in between appointments.

Here is one of the Man card we made at class.  Yes, this is a new set available on June 4th!

There is also a stamp with a dad holding a little boy on his shoulders!  The saying are individual stamps in the set.  Love this Set.  Look for it on June 4th.  If you want a new catalog please let me know 608-237-7103 or

Sneak Peeks and Center Stage

Center Stage is a special dinner and training (with gifts!) Stampin’UP! puts on for their leaders.  There are 138 at the dinner I attended tonight.  This is just one of 7 locations around the world.  We got our NEW CATALOG!!!  I LOVE it.  It is wonderful.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.  Some of my Team will be playing with toys from it at a special dinner in their honor – I think there might be gifts too!  Picture of group of Side and Up lines that were at Center Stage with me.  Thank you Kristen for having me at her home!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The new Magnolia Lane Suite – Place mat is from it and sneak Peak a couple of a couple of product suites! Love the new Catalog – it reminds me of those in the past – more gently and soft – okay those are the only words I have right now. Will try to share more from my phone tomorrow!

Oh, see the bag… that is the bag for this OnStage!!

Love this mew set, and are not the colors just wonderful – You will see this again!

New Suite, We will be using this a lot, yes a lot!

Love the silhouette stamps and the bright colors!  Yes, this is another you will be using in class soon!

Yes, there is snowing and it was snowing huge, beautiful flakes!  For all of you that thought spring was here!

Happy Stamping Everybody!


Customer’s are so Great!

One of the best things I like about working as a Stampin’UP! demonstrator is all the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet.  At my monthly class on Thursday one of my (newer to me) stampers changed one of my cards from a Sympathy to an Easter card.  I LOVE IT!  It is so fun to give my people a base to start from and see them make the cards their own!  Here is the card she made ( I can’t tell you her name until AFTER Easter!).  Under her card is my card with the inside and instructions.  This is the last week to get the Lily set from the SAB rewards.

I just love it.  I always have extra words at the Card Buffet in case someone needs a saying that better suits who they are giving the card to.  The set she used for the word “Easter” was: More Than Words. Yes, another SAB set… trying hard to get them all in before the end of March!  Never can have too many words!   Awesome job!

Here is my card and the directions.  If you haven’t gotten this set yet check it out here before the end of March.  It will be gone March 31st.

Love how real the lily looks.  The Paper Pumpkin for April will have Stampin’UP!’s new ‘DISTINKTIVE” stamps in it. 


# 10 Sympathy         3/19/19

Sets: Lasting Lily

C/S: Whisper White, Graprefruit Grove

Inks: Grapefruit Grove, Old Olive


Other: Organdy Ribbon, Tear Tape, Glue Dots

Instructions: On whisper white stamp flowers with grapefruit grove ink, stamp leaves and saying with old olive ink

Adhere SMALL RIBBON to card front with tear tape on back. Immediately adhere whisper white card front to grapefruit grove card base

Tie LONG RIBBON into bow and adhere to front of card with glue dot

Have a great week.  Let me help you to get your last SAB order in!  Contact me at 608-576-3198 or order online here.

Happy Stamping!


Merry Christmas 2019!

        Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! 

Thank you for being part of my life!  Since my friends are my chosen family, I want to share with you some of the cards I received this year.  First, I want to Thank Jesus Christ for His birth, life and death to give me eternal life.  Thanks to each of you that have come over and helped me during this last few weeks to help me stay out of the hospital.  Thanks to Travis for keeping me in wood so my house could be warm.  Thanks to Kim for coming over today – in the mist of her family get togethers – to set up another dehumidifier, help me change beds, since mine was yucky from having a fever for so long – it broke early, early Sunday morning, and for the hugs.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

From Linda C.

From Cindy E.

Donna B.

From Anne F.

From Jan D.

From Viv B.

From Debbie K.

From Edna D. (Outside)

From Edna D. (inside)

Thank you my family.  Have a wonderful Christmas!

Big Christmas Hugs,





Color Your Season is Leaving!

Have you seen this great special? 

Yes, there are some left.  There is a great new set of colored pencils you can get to color the images with.  OH, what great images the words are BIG!  Below is a couple of cards we made with this at class.  You can contact me to order or just grab it online.     Did I mention that you get 10% off the bundle of Stamp and framelits!  the layering edged framelits are great for other sets.  Great to accent your Christmas cards.

These is a great fall card and don’t we all have one friend to send this too!This is a great Christmas card… Yes, it is all Fussy Cut out!!!  But that does go fast.  It has a lot of shine in IRL as I used Wink OF Stella on parts of the bell, and all the red berries.  Check out the full information here and get this great set.









Remember the last day to get into this round of Shares is August 31st.  It will be great to have some toys to see and play with before you order your card and scrapbook supplies. Check it out here

Have a great last week of summer.  Keep checking back for new information and cards!

Happy Stamping!


New Holiday Catalogs are Landing in Mailboxes All Over!

Have you received yours yet?  If not email me at and I will get one in the mail for you.

Yes, I am doing a Designer Paper Share and added a Ribbon share! Reserve your spot today! Deadline for first round is August 31st.
For those of you who have not done a share with me before –  It’s an economical way of getting a working supply of the new papers and ribbons without having to buy them all. This new catalog is overflowing with new products and if you are like me you Want it All – well, you CAN HAVE IT ALL!

2018 Holiday Catalog Paper Share Includes:
84 – 6 x 6 sheets (two of each as they are all double sided).
  • All is Bright – 12 sheets
  • Festive Farmhouse – 12 sheets
  • Santa’s Workshop Specialty – 12 sheets
  • Joyous Noel Specialty – 12 sheets
  • Frosted Floral Specialty – 12 sheets
  • Country Lane – 12 sheets
  • Toil & Trouble – 12 Sheets

How to Reserve your Paper Share:

Please E-MAIL ME the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address and phone number
  • Subject Line: 2018 – Holiday catalog PAPER share
Payment Details:
You can pay with check (I have to receive it before August 31st), Credit Card (call me with your number 608-237-7103) or through PayPal.
Payments must be received by 10 PM, August 31st to be included in this round of share.
I will order all the supplies the morning of Sept 5th, they should arrive in about 10 days, it takes a couple of days to cut them and get them all repackaged, then out in the mail to you.
$33.00 Per Share, Includes priority shipping

Cheryl’s Holiday Catalog Ribbon Share

Receive approximately 18 yards of ribbon
2 each of 7 ribbons and 2 each of 3 twines
$21.00 includes priority shipping
2 each of:
  • Real Red 3/8? Mixed Satin – approximately 2 yards
  • Festive Farmhouse Cotton Twine -approximately 2 yards each of 3 colors
  • 5/8? Striped Burlap Trim – approximately 2 yards
  • Poppy Parade 1/2? Textured Weave – approximately 2 yards
  • Merry Merlot & Copper 5/8? reversible Ribbon – approximately 2 yards
  • Tranquil Tide 1/4? Velvet Ribbon – approximately 2 yards
  • 3/16? Braided Linen Trim – approximately 2 yards
  • Black 3/8? Glittered Organdy Ribbon – approximately 2 yards
How to Reserve your Ribbon Share:
Please E-MAIL ME the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address and phone number
  • Subject Line: 2018 – Holiday catalog RIBBON share
Payment Details:
You can pay with check (I have to receive it before August 31st), Credit Card (call me with your number 608-237-7103) or through PayPal.
Payments must be received by 10 PM, August 31st to be included in the share.
I will order all the supplies the morning of Sept 5th, they should arrive in about 10 days, it takes a couple of days to cut them and get them all repackaged, then out in the mail to you.
$21.00 Per Share, Includes priority shipping.
Why do I say “approximately” on the ribbon?
Because sometimes it’s stretchy and goes back in shape after I cut it, so it might end up being short 1/2 an inch or so. Sometimes the spools are a little short. If I give you a short one of one color, I try and give you a longer one of another color.

You can have both shares or multiple share’s – mailed to the same address – for only $48.00.  Limit on how many fit in bag.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
You can check out all the many specials going on here. I will be posting a couple of the cards we made at class with the ‘Color your Season” set, dies, and new watercolor pencils. The pencils are great fun and they too will be gone at the end of August.


Great Class!

We had a great class on Thursday… even though the snow was disappearing by the minute!  Having a mini make up on Saturday at 1:00pm.

This was one of my downline’s version of my card.  Trisha did awesome!

Love when my downline or customer create their own card from mine!

Still having time to get in on the 15 Year Annversay sale of 15% off any order this month.  It can be an online or or one called in to me.  Contact me here for more information.

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