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Question:  Why are you going to green glue?  I really like tape and whenever I use green glue my fingers get all sticky!


Answer:  Well, we are changing to green glue…  Actually, it is really called Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive (110755), but I think it green glue is a much better name.  We are changing to this because we feel it keeps the cards together longer & better than the tape adhesive.  We found that some of our cards with the tape adhesive were falling apart after a bit, so we started looking for another solution. 

The Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive has a dual tip for placing adhesive exactly where you want it. Place an exact small amount using the small tip, or spread the adhesive over a larger area using the wide tip. Latex rubber acrylic resin adhesive is acid free.

* Adhesive can be both permanent or temporary depending on how it is applied
* Works great for adhering card stock or Designer Series paper to chipboard
* Excellent for adhering Stampin' Glitter to surfaces
* Dual-tipped applicator

There is a way to use green glue.  Yes, your fingers might be sticky BUT do not run to the sink to wash them off.  That really is not the best way to clean them up.  Just rub them and the glue will come right off.

The best way to use green glue is to start in the middle like you can see in this picture below.  Sometimes when you squeeze it, you will get a big blob, so if you start in the middle of your glued item you will be able to spread it around.  So you start in the middle of your item then you go around to the edges.  Make sure to stay 1/4" to 1/2" from the edge as it will spread as you adhere it to your project.  That way you will not get glue oozing out around your item.  Remember, LESS IS MORE!   

2014 April Green Glue how to

Do you see that big, gloopy line at the bottom of this picture?  That is NOT how you want your green glue to look.  That is too much glue.  Make sure your lines are thin.

Green Glue is a great to layer your items and a great way to keep things on.  So, try some green glue today.  We are really loving it. 

We are going to have a contest in a couple of days.  Make sure to "like" us on Facebook.  I made some cards up and started with an open bottle of green glue.  And we are going to have a quess as to how many actual cards I could make using that bottle of green glue.  

So, try green glue.  If you haven't tried green glue yet, come to one of our classes to try it out first hand.  A lot of our customers have made the switch and are just loving it.  We think you will too.

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