How do I label my new ink pads?

Q:  How do I label my new ink pads?

A:  We just wanted you to see with the new ink pads (well, they are not so new anymore…  but we all call them that…  Yep!  I do too ) that they come with four labels on the back.  They come with the label in English, Spanish, German and French so they can be used in any country that Stampin'Up sells in. 

2013 April QA Ink Pad 2

So what we do is take the top label and put it on the end so when we the ink pads are stacked one on top of another we can see what color it is. 

2013 April QA Ink Pad 3

And then we put another one on the end in the front in case you stack yours in a way that you can not see what the color is.

2013 April QA Ink Pad 4

And finally, how many times do you have four ink pads open in front of you and you don't know which dark color it is and you accidentally put that pink stamp in the purple ink! (Yep!  I've done it too!). This will solve that problem.  You cut off the tips of another one of the languages that you are not using and you put it right inside the finger well of the open ink pad.  You can then easily see what color you are using when the ink pad is opened in front of you.

2013 April QA Ink Pad 5

Now some really smart people (not us!) have used the fourth language label to put next to the stamps in the wooden holder so they would know where each pad goes when it is stored.  We weren't that smart and Wendy said we could not buy another whole set of ink pads just for the label.  That would have been a great thing to have done.  So, if you are getting new ink pads, learn from our mistake and use ALL the labels Stampin'Up provides.

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