Love your wheels again…

2013 Dec Q_A 1Question:  Do you love wheels or hate them?  I know it is a love or hate relationship. 

Answer:  If you love wheels,  go to it.  Keep using them.  If you hate wheels, let me show you how you can use them.  This is the coolest thing.   What you do is remove the wheels and make them into stamps.  And then you can store them in the new wood stamp holders that we now sell.  It is so convienent.  You can get 10 bazillon, well not really THAT many, but you can get quite a few in the one case.   They are the wood mount full cases.  What I did is just write the name of each wheel that I have stored in the case so I know exactly what is in there.

It is so easy, you can never imagine it!

So, step by step.

First off, you take a wheel.  You hold it.  If you look around at all these wheels, they have one seam.

2013 Dec Q_A 4

So you literally pick it up by the seams.  If yours have been sitting around for years and years like mine have, you will be able to easily peel it apart.  If hasn't been sitting around because I talked you into buying a new one, you can just use your scissors and cut it to get it started on that seam. 

2013 Dec Q_A 9Then the stamp will just peel off.  We just throw the wheel away.  I know some one creative will come up with something cool to do with them, but we just throw them away.

2013 Dec Q_A 10

Now the glue may stay on the stamp or on the wheel.   Either one, you are just going to peel the glue off after that.   You just start rolling the glue off the stamp until the stamp is clean.  

2013 Dec Q_A 6

You will want to order some clear mount cling foam from us.  It is number 124236.  There are 2 pieces of foam in it. 

2013 Dec Q_A 1

What you can do, is just take and lay the stamp on one side.  You can have it cut to the right size first.  Of course, Wendy cuts it for me. 

2013 Dec Q_A 8

And then it sticks to one side and then you can stamp the image on a piece of transparency film with Stazon and attach that to the other side.  2013 Dec Q_A 2

And voila!  You have a stamp!  How fun is that!  2013 Dec Q_A 11

I will tell you honestly and personally, I don't foam mount all of mine.  But you must use foam mount on them if you do not want them to tear apart.  Because the red rubber will tear apart if you just try to stamp them with out the foam. 

If you have any questions, we would be happy to show you.

So, after thinking about this, I thought a video would make this easier to see.

So, you either loved or hated wheels because you couldn't get it straight or you got that line on every single one.  But wheels are a great way to make that super, fast, easy card.  So, now you have seen how to mount your wheel to use them with your clear mount blocks.

Hope this helps all of you that hate wheels.

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