Blog Widget Works – Thanks Patti!

You all know I am not a computer person (Bet you are even amazed that I know what a widget is!).  Working on Blogging and Facebook…… you know that road paved with good intentions… I think that is my blog!  Wonderful Patti helped me get the Current Big Catalog on the side so you can look at it.  If you want a catalog to TOUCH let me know.  She was awesome to try and step me through it but I missed a step…. one step!  Thanks Patti!

This is not just a tree …

This is a Tree Changing it colors!!!  Yes, this tree is just 20 minutes north of my house.  It means…. SNOW is coming!  Okay – closer to snow than a few months ago!  My heart is doing the happy dance.

Looking forward to the new Holiday catalog!  I have my Bundles for September through December planned out and a “Plan” for classes.  I decided to show you on the 1st of September my bundles for the Holiday Catalog to help you in your budgeting.  Like why is budgeting and Holiday Catalog have to even be in the same sentence?

Stampin’UP! will be finishing the MAJOR overhaul to my website that has my calendar on it.  I will be updating the calendar on September 10/11th as SU complete the work.

Please have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend.  My friend, Kim, is hoping for one more sunbathing kind of day.  Yes, I have friends who love summer…?!?!?


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