Funny story while we wait for the NEW Holiday Catalog!

I have this really good friend in my life that has really lead me through the last few years, and today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Kim!  She also leads my support team and we had a team meeting scheduled for this am.  I wanted to surprise her with a cake.  Okay, here is the disclaimer – I can hardly cook let alone bake.  I can make one spring summer dessert – Lemon Mousse – that is it.  I really believe in Whole Foods Bakery and Godiva Chocolates. 

So you ready for a funny – looking back funny story – we have a about 10 hours until we can order from the Holiday Catalog – no, the story is not 10 hours long – but almost!

I find a cake recipe online at Delish (I have used them for a couple of recipes before) that sound great – oh, she loves lemon and I am sure she thought I was going to make the Lemon Mousse – the recipe is: Bursting Berry Lemon Bundt Cake.  Cake ! Cake – how much different is a bundt cake from a flat cake ?

I call my neighbor – who is an awesome baker, her husband also bakes great apple pies – and ask to borrow her bundt pan.  She brings it over.  Okay, you know how when you want to really do something nice for someone and you want it perfect – but since it is totally new your afraid to take the first step… that is where I was at.

I have the recipe, have all the things it said I would need.  Ready to go.  Pull out everything I think might be used in baking – see the picture – not knowing what two even are for.  I know the pan has to be buttered and floured – I can do this and if after the first coating of flour there are any holes you spray it with Pam and flour again (thanks Marie!).  Okay did this over sink.  Looks good to me.  About a half of cup or so of flour in sink – no idea to even think this is a problem – yet.

Now mix flour, powder, salt with whisk – okay, no problem.  Wait – they are all white – HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THEY ARE MIXED??  Google (You know computers and I have a mutual hate..not like… each other society, so really stepping out here using google) No great answer – okay, just going to guess this is mixed okay.

Now have butter soften on counter and eggs at room temperature.  Beat with mixer on high 4 minutes or until LIGHT AND FLUFFY!  Really – google again – oops definitely not about cooking.  So WHAT is LIGHT AND FLUFFY (a cat!).  Butter and sugar were mixed after 30 seconds, never changed…. LIGHT AND FLUFFY – who knows going with 4 minutes.  

Add eggs one at time – hint here – do NOT crack eggs on side of bowl..yes, I hear you laughing.  On third time at making this cake watched a google Utube of all the eggs going in at once…so many different ways.  Eggs in.  (Yes, it took three tries to get the cake done – funny now, not so funny at the time – learning new skills is hard!)

Now need Lemon peel… see dangerous item picture… Which side, how do you do it and not get to the middle part of the lemon, it does not say to wash first – but of course you do – oh, hint here too – this item, machine, gadget EATS YOUR THUMB KNUCKLE!  No Utube on how to get lemon peel.  No blood in batter.  Okay, have the lemon like shaved around –  NO peel – you have to put you hand inside and it drops on your hand – really, all this for a Tablespoon of lemon peel.  Yes, going to do this right.

Vanilla – easy, I know I have this – really I have friend who bring real vanilla back for me from Mexico.  Yes, it too has disappeared like – really! – now! – okay in the back and I mean back back (get up on a stool to find and reach) of cabinet is a bottle from Watkins with about a inch in it – okay, that will work, only need 1 teaspoon (well, 3 teaspoons in the end) Okay that in.

Beat in flour mixture and buttermilk alternately.  I have this – and I beat it really good  each time, a lot – on all three attempts.  When the third try is in the oven I am reading -google- and you mix these in separately so you DON’T OVER MIX AND MAKE THE CAKE DENSE!  Is it me or should that not be IN the directions!  Do like all of you that bake just know these things?!?!?  My cake will be dense.

Now, before I FOLD IN – google – oh, means use that white thingy you scrap sides with – the blueberries I taste the batter from the mixer beater… bad – gross – like sour milk old fruit – yukky, yukky, yukky.  Definitely something wrong… google – bad taste, sour milk, old lemons (I know I just bought them!) no good answers.  Okay, not even heat can help this – into the sink – with the flour… batter goes down, but what is this white paste?!?!  Big Hint here – do not leave flour and water in your sink to set – it makes PASTE you have to DIG off.

I decide am going to do this again – use new jar of curd (first one was opened a week before, but you know it had to be something).  Repeat above with all same questions, wondering which other things could have made it bad.  The lemon peel – nope that tasted okay.  So maybe it was the curd, test taste – okay, added blueberries. I have the pan still ready to go. 

Into the oven – timer set.  Cake cooking – cook 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 minutes or UNTIL TOOTHPICK INSERTED IN CENTER COME OUT CLEAN?!?!?!  Uhmmmm…. the bundt cake has a hole in the center – so you mean – around the edges????  Google – totally different instructions — until the sides pull away.  Okay, toothpick sort of dry, sides push away okay.  I did it… just cool completely on wire rack.  I have this down.  So excited.  Work on Stamping things – class schedule, Bundle Sale, newsletter… Finally pan is cool to touch.  Have a large plate to tip it onto …. Ready  ….. TOTALLY FALLS OUT!  As in no piece bigger than 2 inches.  Not happy, not good.  BUT it taste really good. Come on Cheryl, just make the Lemon Mousse!

Nope – google – All different information.  Most sites saying to cool for up to 20 minutes on wire rack then take out of pan and cool completely.  Okay – Round three – last try as it is now close to midnight and I only have enough ingredients to make one more.

No questions about mixing whites, light and fluffy, folding in… just do it.  Oh, yes have to wash and re-flour pan…. more paste on sink – but know how to scrub!

Cake out of oven, on wire rack for 20 minutes, use knife on side to pull away – and a cake IN ONE PIECE on the plate.  I can bake!  Went to bed, got up and did topping in am – I know how to mix lemon and Heavy Whipping cream as use those for the mousse.  Cake ready by 9:00am.  Friend and team like and say it is great. 

Took pan back with a piece of cake to neighbor – the baker, who I now am in total awe of – says it is good.  PAN no longer in my house – never can cook this again, but so glad i did.

These things are in the same cabinet as mixer must be used for domething!

Baking Tools?!?!

Dangerous knuckle eating tool. Like who invented this and why are they all together instead of one each????

Batter in Bundt Pan.

Batter in buttered floured bundt pan. Taste good – yes I checked out the beaters – remember the first try!

A cake, a whole cake!

I can BAKE! Not really. But a WHOLE cake on a plate, not in crumbles. Not burnt. Okay A CAKE!

Finished Cake!

The final product! Really Good thing I teach card making and NOT baking! I know the frosting top is good and hand checked each blueberry! Yes, that is extra lemon peel on the top too, I added it like an embellishment.  Cake made with love.  Learning this friend thing!

So this is my crazy day – what did you try that was crazy but was for a friend so you did it?  Share!  Thanks for reading my saga…. Just think you are so much closer to being able to order!  Use the September Host Code:  7TXFA7Y6 and you can order online here.  Remember to check you newsletter for the different bundles with free classes for each month.  This way you can spread out your spending.  I was going to say budget your spending but budget and stamping do NOT belong in the same sentence!  My extra classes are in the newsletter and will be on the new Calendar site after September 10th!  I am very excited to use this new upgraded calendar site.  Happy card making and to you bakers – my hat is off to you!


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