Leader’s Summit Stampin’UP!

This has been a great but long week end.  I attended a virtual Leader’s Summit.  It was totally amazing! 

It started with getting a box in the mail about two weeks ago – that we were not to share – just open and be sure it was okay. 

Thursday Night the summit started off with a toast – yes, that was what was in the box from Tiffany’s glasses to toast with.  This was how the summit ended as well. 

We had the opportunity to hear leaders in the industry such as Brenda Ster and Lisa Carmen Wang.  There was also many top demonstrator as presenters.  We also got to go into small (6-9 people) breakout session with people  from all over the Globe. 

One night we went virtually to Sara’s house and Sara and Shelli cooked dessert’s for us.  Sara’s was a Texas sheet cake that I love.

It was totally incredible.  Really help me realize what a great company I work with.

Only one not too happy with me being on the computer all week end was Rory!  Yes, he got to go out and to play but not as much as usual.  Guess who thinks he runs the house.  I will share pictures later in the week – He has gotten huge… and is teething… I think I am too old for this.

Thanks for being here!

Glasses from Tiffany’s

Cooking at Sara’s – Look at those mixer’s!

Closing toast to us from the Leader’s of Stampin’UP!

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