Now this is really SNOW!!!

I only thought we had a lot of snow last  week!  (Wendy never thinks it is a lot of snow considering she is from the UP!) Yesterday morning it was snowing big fat flakes but only lasted a few hours then it was a little rainy for most of the day until about 3:00pm when it started snowing fast and hard.  Now we had a layer of slush under the fast falling snow!  Well, it snowed all night and the winds were so hard they blew me over when I took the dog out last night and this is what we woke up to:

sunday morning snow

A Winter Wonderland!!!!!

Even church was canceled this AM!  We are home with a fire in the fireplace (now – we have had to take the dog out twice) and working on staying warm.   This will be a good day to snow shoe and go sledding once the wind slows down a little.  Right now you can hear it howling in over the fire in the fire place.

This is my stamping share for you today – it is a card from a swap. 

snowy day girl

The little girl comes in a set of four –  Greeting Card Kids – you can see the set here.  The snow on the card is much calmer than our snow outside.


This is what it looks like outside now. 


I have the most awesome neighbor who keeps us snow blown and snow shoveled out.  I am so thankful  for him as I tried shoveling last night to take the dog out and I could not even breathe after about 6 shovels of snow… this is very heavy snow. 

Now, if the wind goes away perhaps we can go out and play…. Right now I am finishing my Christmas Cards.

Happy Stamping!

Cheryl & Wendy

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