Okay, here are our after pictures – these were taken about two hours before the show started!  

Wendy and Julie – can you see all the 3D items!  Julie puts this up each year – she always says I have too many to show them all and I always am worried I will not have enough.  We have our card samples displayed in a new way that Cheryl came up with so they could see them easier and take pictures of course!

Cheryl is who really runs the booth and says how everything will be displayed, she is the "boss"  behind the scenes, we could not even start to do this without her.  This year she was teaching a class for three hours during set up so we had to go by pictures from last year until she came back and changed it…. of course you knew she would!

This is how you feel about your picture being taken after packing the van, unpacking the van, setting up the booth and then re arranging the booth, not counting being up cutting and prepping for three days.  Notice the clothes in the background for us to change into before the Make n' Take Session starts.  There is to be 185 for just this Friday PM session, then there is classes and daily Make n' Takes, and well as a session on Saturday PM.

This is Kim – one of our new downlline – helping to set up the retired stamps for sale.  The Make n' Take table is just beyond the stamps for sale table.  We did not get a picture of Linda – but she comes and keeps all the money straight each year for us.

We just received our final numbers on Monday for our classes so we have been cutting and prepping like mad.  You don't want to cut for 40 people for a class and only have 6 sign up!  We actually had to have our class pictures and class description ready in August, so we knew what we were doing we just had to wait for the final numbers… can you say cutting card stock 24 hours a day for the  last few days!

We always have lots of help for OOAK.  Our downline and stamping friends are awesome.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our world.

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  1. Lori B says:

    What a professional and FUN display! Great job!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks!  It was fun.  We are bursting with ideas for next year!

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