Back Here Until the New Blog is Live!

I missed YOU!  Bet  you never thought you would hear me say I missed blogging!  I have.  I have been working hard to set up a new blog and it is coming along good.  I am even kinda techy!!  So keep checking here until the new blog is announced! 

I do have a great announcement!  I am on the street level at the Vendor Fair – tomorrow at Buttercream Bakery in Lodi!  Yes, it may be raining but that will make the Coffee and Bakery treats taste even better.  I will be selling my cards, scrapbooks, and 3D items.  I will also be taking orders for personalized Christmas Cards.  Come Support your favorite  local card maker!  I would really love to see you.



Now that you know all about POP UP CLASSES – (see last post!) I am trying out a link for you to sign up!  Try it out and see how it works – then tell me! 

Barb has been doing all these awesome things for my sign up’s; Instagram; Pinterest and other things. I am so excited to get into the Online WORLD!  Here is the link  see how sign up works!

Crazy Cheryl’s POP UP Stamping Class! Yes, It is NEW!

What is POP UP


I made it up!  You know Crazy People get to do that!

I wanted to do a new class and I thought – you know those food carts that POP UP and are just there (and have amazing food) – I thought that is what I will do for my new class, POP UP and have amazing stamping!

Mine will be a bit more scheduled than some food carts!  It will for the next few months be on Sunday afternoon’s at 1:00pm.  Sound familiar?  Yes, workshops were always Sunday at 1:00pm!  Not every Sunday – Not on Super Bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!  You can go here to check out the schedule dates and THE STAMP SET/BUNDLE I will be using.  You can click through to different months and double click on the date.  I also have paper calendars, if you want one let me know and I will drop it in the mail to you.

SO, now you know the how I named it, the time and date, so how about the WHAT Exactly!  I will come on FB Live and show you THREE cards from one set or bundle. I will share how the cards are made and any technique used.  Then you can go to my online store and place any order, using my host code, for $50 or more and get the THREE cards packet sent to you PLUS A BONUS CARD!  Yes, FOUR cards cut and prepped for you to make at home.  You do not have to cut those 1/8″ cuts!  I will know who to send the card packets to by the Host Code used!  Basic Measurements and instructions will be emailed when the Card Packets are sent out.  HOST CODE FOR Calming Camellia Class: 397W4QU3

Want to see the cards from last Sunday – of course you do!  I used the Calming Camellia Stamp Set.  You can host an online party to get this, order your New Mini finds to get this set, gather some orders from friends to get the set. You can see the entire video here and the pictures with supplies needed below – click on picture or card title. (Adding supplies to make your online shopping easier – is all new (thanks Barb!) so be gently if it doesn’t all work.  Call or text me and I will help you.  AS OF 1/24/22 Daubers, Bone Folder, & Paper snips are unavailable and can not be ordered.  I have a couple so let me know if you need them.


Calming Camellia Blushing Bride Card

Calming Camellia Black & White Card






Calming Camellia Sympathy Card






Supplies for Calming Camellia POP UP CLASS: 

To purchase or view all of the supplies used for Calming Camellia’s POP UP Class project, Click On the Card or Card Title above, then Click: add all to cart.   Don’t forget to EDIT your cart as needed (I am sure you have some of the items already that I used!), then if you need additional items, click continue shopping. You can edit the shopping cart at any time while you are shopping.  Let me know if you have any problem, also let me know if you like this new feature!

Thanks for reading and looking on this long post.  Thanks for letting me be your Stampin’UP! demonstrator!  Thanks for spending time with me.

IT SNOWED!!! and again!

So excited Sunday night to see the beautiful snow!
The picture of snow falling is out my kitchen door.
AND….. for those of you who think all I do is play in the snow… pictures of the driveway I shoveled!
I know big deal – but it is one of the very few times I have actually shoveled in the 20+ years I have lived here. My neighbor – Audrey came out and helped with the top of the driveway where the street plow had heaped up the snow and her daughter (the baby who is almost all grown up!) come out to help too.
Her husband, Jesse said once – years ago – but I remembered – that it was important how you shoveled the first snow as that makes the boundaries for the rest of the season – or something close to that. That is why the picture shows shoveling on the grass. I did leave some parts for him to plow!!
Now today it has been snowing all day!  Beautiful but heavier than it looked.  Jesse – neighbor – plowed about 6:30pm for me.  I know it was heavier than it looked because I did the back steps for the dog – who still does not like snow!
Do you have animals?  Do they like the snow?

Merry Christmas and a Happy Joyful New Year!

May your Christmas be filled with the Love of Christ and the Joy of family.  May your New Year bring you Joy, Peace, and Love.

I am so thankful to have a church family to spend time with and to celebrate the love of Christ during this Christmas, they have opened their hearts and homes for me.  I am so grateful for my Stampin’UP! family that is part of my daily life, even when I come up short.  The card above was from Ann H. one of my SU family.  I am so thankful that Christ died on the cross for me, rose the third day and is in Heaven with the Father.  My all of you know and rest in the Peace of Christ.

Merry Christmas

FREE SHIPPING TOMORROW, Dec. 8th and Happy Mail!

Happy Mail going out in the morning!  Caught up to date.

Now, you know what I have been doing for the last two days!  Plus made 10 Christmas Cards, did a FB Live, cleaned out the inside wood pile, vacuumed the living room – twice! and cooked two meals!

Remember the FREE SHIPPING Stampin’UP! is having on Dec. 8th, as a one day sale.  You can get items off the clearance list, the retiring list and then have it all come to you with FREE SHIPPING!  You can shop at my online store or contact me at 608-576-2198 or email here.

Have a wonderful day, let me know if I can help you in any way!

Thanks for following me and for your support!


Free Shipping this Wed., December 8th!

Prepare your wish list of Stampin’ Up! products and get ready for FREE SHIPPING Wednesday, December 8, 2021! 

Click HERE to shop online


  • All order types qualify for this promotion (customer, demonstrator, workshop, and online).
  • Free shipping applies after the qualifying amount has been met.
  • The minimum qualifying amount to receive free shipping is $50 usd/$65 cad or more (before tax & shipping).
  • Any applied coupon codes are non-commissionable and will lower the order’s retail amount. 
  • Free shipping only applies during the 24-hour period the promotion.
    • Phone order deadline: 8 Dec 2021; 6:50 pm (MT)
    • Online order deadline: 8 Dec 2021; 11:59 pm (MT)
  • With the exception of month-to-month Paper Pumpkin subscriptions, all Stampin’ Up! products qualify for the promotion.
  • Prepaid Paper Pumpkin subscriptions are eligible for FREE shipping under the same rules as all other Stampin’ Up! items during the promotion.
  • Due to the global shipping crisis, all orders placed during the free shipping promotion cannot be guaranteed to arrive by 25 December 2021. 

Contact me if you have any questions or if you want to place your order directly through me: or 608-576-3198

Feel free to apply a host code when ordering WVEE97CF. If your order is $150 or more (before shipping/tax), do not apply a code. Instead, your order of this size will automatically qualify you for Stampin’ Rewards. 

YES! you can buy things off the Clearance Rack and the Retiring Items AND get the Free shipping! I that is a hat trick??  Well, I may have my words wrong, but it means a great deal for you!

Pictures MISSING! My fault!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are waiting with great anticipation for SNOW!!!

So I got this weird notice that I had no room left on my blog.  In panic I sent a note to the person who hosts my blog – Thanksgiving week – no response.  I sent a note to the person who updates my blog.  She said yup, too many pictures.  I said I would delete some.  She said just be sure you don’t delete any you used in a blog post.  So, I am going through the 1,000+ photos – thinking I didn’t blog on this one, or this one, etc.  Well, not only was I wrong about some of those, I deleted the pictures of the catalogs on the side…Oh, SO my bad!  My blog person fixed it for me.  Thank God for people who understand techy things.

So Stampin’UP! is having another sale – yes, only while supplies last.  It is the sale of things in the current Mini catalog.  You can see a copy in my online shop Here and or click on list to get a downloadable version.  Please call me with any questions! 608-576-3198.

Hopefully you can click on the above and it brings up the list!  This will give you a downloadable version of the list as well.

Please use the Host Code: PZESY9EQ on your order under $150.00 – that way I can get prizes for you!

Check out my FB Live from last night for a fun card made with new toys from the January – July Mini Catalog! (Spring Mini)

Stampin’UP! Sale Now, yes, right NOW!

Awesome Sale NOW, yes right now! Ends at 11:59pm(CT) on today 10/20! Check it out at my online store .

The Host code to use is D2GMAQ42.

Check out all the stamps we have used!

Person to guess how many of the stamps we have used on cards for class and FB Live’s will get a prize!

Hurry, yes, run over before it ends today!

I will be available 8am-10am and 2pm-11:00pm 608-576-3198. Happy Stamping!

I Am Walking!

Who knew I would ever be able to do this.  Not me.  I am scared and excited.  Hope the weather cools down.

Many of you know of my physical health concerns but you may not know that for years I have struggled with Mental Illness.  In fact I met Wendy at a NAMI meeting.  One of the hardest parts of my diagnosis I have had to deal with is severe depression.  If you have been around me for any length of time you know I love winter and snow.  You also would know I hate summer, heat, bugs, summer birds!   I often teased that they needed to come up with a special diagnosis for me – the opposite of SAD.  Guess what about 1% of people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) have it like me!  They thrive in the winter but summer is hard.  Since June of this year my Depression has gotten worse and worse by the day.  Some days I did not see how to go on.  In August I was told about the 1% of SAD patients, it made so much since for me.  As cooler weather has started coming I have just started to do a bit better.  My medical doctors had me start walking for my heart a couple of months ago.  SO – I saw the sign this week about the NAMI Walk and decided I could walk for my heart and my mind.  This is my first small step in trying to get back to an even keel.  I would love for you to support me!  Thanks for listening to my story.  

NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMIWalks promotes awareness of mental health, raises funds for NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, and builds community by letting people know they are not alone.

Thank you for supporting me for NAMIWalks Your Way 2021 by MAKING A DONATION! It’s easy, fast, and secure to do right here on my page.  

National Read A Book Day!

Books to be Reading Again.

Books by my chair to read again.  I usually go by author, but sometimes I go by subject.

What books did or are you reading?  I love my books.  I usually have one or more going at a time.  I re-read them, time after time.  I love that I can still take time to read and run my Card Business. 

When we were cleaning out the basement and Rachel was having a garage sale for me, there were a few unbelieving people, that could not believe that I had 3,000 + books to bring up to sell (this did not count the books upstairs!).  So they were counted on the way up!  Can you guess?  Yes, 3,254 books!  But I do re-read them over and over.  Boy, that kind of sounded like why I have so many stamps!  Could I just be a horder?  Nope! Just a reader and a stamper!

So what are you reading? I am rereading James Patterson, The 18th Abduction.  Share what you are reading here or on my FB Page here.

Happy National Read A Book Day!

Happy National S’mores Day!

I have so many happy and fun memories of fires and s’mores!  I looked for a picture to add but I think they are not all on this machine – and the ones I did find were of people with marshmallow all over them!  While Wendy would eat the marshmallows BEFORE they got to the fire, I loved to throw the marshmallows in the fire and watch them grow, and grow and grow before collapsing!  Yes, some marshmallows did make it to toasty brown and onto crackers with chocolate… just not mine!  So today, tonight or sometime soon go have a fire and throw a marshmallow in!  Take a picture and share it with me so I can see how big it got!  I know… just funny.  Okay to just laugh! 

Last Chance Deeply Discounted January – June 2021 Mini Catalog

50% off Sale starts at Midnight!

  Some great discounts on some of the items in the Spring Mini – “While Supplies Last!”

I am trying to get this information out to as many of you as I can!  So if you got it from me in one or more ways, sorry.  I know I am either right on top or just not getting it!

I hope this resource helps you to get your favorite products as the January – June 2021 Mini Catalog expires on June 30. I am still calling it the Spring Mini Catalog.

The link below will download the sale for you.  It has items listed by category first, then sorted by page.  It might look confusing, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance. As everybody has their new Annual Catalog now, it’s really easy to see the retired and new products in the catalog.

Where you might get confused is when you see a Bundle or Suite, such as Fine Art Floral, carry over. What is retiring is the Bundle/Suite price of 10% off what is included in the Bundle/Suite. With the new catalog, only the stamp set and dies will be available with the rest of the suite retiring on all carry over products. The Gilded Leafing in Fine Art Floral will a separate embellishment rather than included in the suite, as will the Fine Art Ribbon, Painted Texture 3D Embossing Folder, and Heat & Stick Powder. That is where you lose your 10% discount, and it does add up.

The products that will no longer be available and/or retired, would be the Fine Art Floral Designer Series Paper and the Golden Garden Designer Specialty Acetate.

Once June 1 hits, this suite is going to sell out fast. Grab what you can.

Stock up on your favorite products before they’re gone for good! Save up to 50% on essential craft supplies. What are you waiting for? Start shopping! After all, this selection of Last Chance Products is only available while supplies last.

LARGE FONT_Jan-Jun-2021-Mini-Catalog-Last-Chance-Products_discounted_1_

In Person classes start June 17th.  You must RSVP as space is limited.  It will be at my house.  Times are 9-noon; and 6-9pm.  You choose which cards you want to make for $2.00 each!  We will be doing this the third Thursday each month and most months will also have a 2-5pm option.  Really looking forward to actually seeing people – like in real life!  Okay, go check out the list so you are ready to shop!

Here is the link directly to my online store to shop.  The list will not be up on the SU site until midnight when the sale starts. I hope this information has been useful to you.

Thank you for letting me be your Stampin’UP! Demonstrator!

Hydrangea Hill Class and more….

I have a list of all the Bundles I will be using for classes for the rest of Spring Mini Catalog and I am betting a couple of them make it into the new Annual Catalog coming out in May.  If they are in the new Annual Catalog they will not be bundles then, but will still be available.  I checked before the Face Book Live and all the bundles were available to order now if you want to get any while you can still get FREE SAB items.  Some of the pearls, ribbon, and embossing folder are not available now, but will be after March 8th.

Class for February 23rd – March 7th is the Hydrangea Hill Class.  Orders for the class with the card kits must be ordered before 10:00pm on March 7th.

First the card made on the Face Book Live tonight (2/23/21). (sorry the picture is not straight, the grid paper shows that!)

Hydrangea Hill Card

Rectangle Stitched Framelits Dies










On the pictures the Memento Black Ink shows up better on the Thanks, But IRL the Gorgeous Grape looks good too.  Remember to use the 5th and 3rd from the biggest Rectangle Stitched Framelits Dies.  I have used these dies 8 times now without having to redo the Washi Tape.

Set:  Good Morning Magnolia (saying!) #149298  Use whatever saying you have

C/S:  Highland Heather #146986; Gorgeous Grape #146987; Basic White #159276 (inside)

Ink:  Gorgeous Grape #147099; or Memento Black #132708

Other:  Hydrangea Hill DSP #154570; Rectangle Stitched Framelits Dies #148551; Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine #149653; Multipurpose Liquid Glue #110755 (Green Glue); Paper Snips #103579;

Highland Heather card stock: 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ scored at 4 1/4″

Gorgeous Grape card stock: 5 1/8″ x 3 7/8″; 4 1/2″ x 3 1/8″; 3 3/4″ x 2 3/8″; scrap piece for saying about 3/4″ x 2″

Basic White card stock: 5 1/4″ x 4″ (inside)

Hydrangea Hill DSP: 5″ x 3 3/4″; 4″ x 1/2″ (inside)

Run the Hydrangea Hill DSP through the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine using the Rectangle Stitched Framelits Dies – the 5th & 3rd from the largest taped together like picture above.  Carefully take DSP out of Dies and lay the DSP back together so you know they are in the right direction.

Using Green Glue adhere the largest DSP border to the Gorgeous Grape 5 1/8″ x 3 7/8″ card stock; adhere the middle border of DSP to the Gorgeous Grape 4 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ card stock; adhere the middle piece of DSP to the Gorgeous Grape 3 3/4″x 2 3/8″ card stock. 

Layer the largest piece of Gorgeous Grape card stock to the Highland Heather card base using Green Glue; layer the middle layer of Gorgeous Grape card stock on top of first layer, then the smallest layer of Gorgeous Grape card stock on the top of that.  Each layer building on the next one.

Stamp the saying on the scrap piece of Gorgeous Grape card stock, cut one end at an angle and adhere saying to the card front using Green Glue.


Classes will be $35.00 and include about $20.00 of product, 8 card kits (2 of 4 designs), written instructions and a video showing how to put the cards together.  The bundles to make the cards exactly like mine you will need to purchase with the monthly Host code at my online store, I would also be happy to help you put in an order if you would like.  You can pay for class by email or calling/texting me 608-576-3198.

BUNDLES – Not in order of class

Hydrangea Hill Bundle #156251  $52.00  pages 18/19  Class Kits able to be ordered 2/23 – 3/7/21

Sand & Sea Bundle #156205  $54.00  pages 40/41

Ice Cream Corner Bundle #156244  $31.50  pages 48/49

Masculine Cards – Soar Confidently #154531  $19.00  page 70

Fine Arts Floral Bundle #156227  $50.25  pages 32/33

Simply Succulents Bundle #156264  $54.75  pages 38/39

Pretty Perennials bundle #156234  $45.00  pages 30/31

WOW!  That is not even all the toys we will be playing with!  Stampin’UP! has a special coming out March 2nd which I will have a class for on the March 2nd Face Book Live, 7:00pm (CT).

Thanks for supporting me and playing with me!