The Trees Are Down

Well, actually they have been done for a few weeks now.  One of the top of my Home To Do List was getting the trees cut back and cut down.  I am talking Huge, Huge Oaks cut back so that the branches would not fall on my house or the shed and that the Huge (think 3 time higher than the house) Dead Oak be cut done so it didn’t fall on the neighbors houses.  It was such a relief when they were done.  Oh, and all the relief came pouring back last night when the wind speeds were 35 – 40 miles per hour.  I did not have to worry about the trees!  Here are a couple of picture of them.  I think a good set to scrape book this will be Rooted in Nature – what would you use?

Oak Trees Down

The big tree is from the back, all the other ones were from the front.  I put a shoe there to give you some size.

that is my roof!

Okay this is my house on the right and you can see one of the places that the limbs were cut off so …. no more branches over my house.  The house directly in the middle of the picture is the side of my neighbor’s three story house and the tree in front also got cut. 

Great by product – well probably many, but one is Jesse has wood to chop on when he gets mad, and I have a ton of wood for heating for the next year or two!

Thanks for sharing my world today!


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