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Yes, I am hoping this works.  I have been trying to learn how to add payments to this… not happening fast!  Also been spending hours learning how to work online… still learning!  What a different world we are living in.

So how are you?  On the front lines – thank you.  Home with kids – good thing they can go outside a bit.  Home alone – send out some cards and see the happiness that flows.

I spent a couple hours in the yard.  The front bushes  got trimmed – okay, no laughing, they will look a little better after a few days!

Did this with A LOT of help from my friend.  Yes, that is a circle garden of flowers in the middle of the lawn, who knows why it is there!

The reward was not only getting the bushes clipped and things racked out but seeing the flowers start to come out!

Share some pictures of what you have been doing!

To Business, Stampin’UP! has a special preview coming out April 1st, yes, tomorrow.  It is a suite called the Ornate Garden Suite.  It has two bundle included in it; Ornate Thanks Bundle and Ornate Style Bundle.  The suite also includes an Embossing Folder Special DSP, Gems and Ribbon.  This is a sneak peak as this bundle will be in the new catalog!  BUT the best thing is…. Stampin’UP! has it in stock, in Utah, in the warehouse – sooooo – NO Back Orders! I would recommand getting it as soon as you can as no matter how many SU has in the warehouse you know we are all just not patient when it comes to new toys!

I am really excited about this kit – there is an additional sneak peek – the DSP has one of the new InColors in it!  I will be making video’s of how to use it, have some online lives during the month to make cards together.  If you buy the entire suite or just the bundles it will be fun to play during this next month of “stay at home”.  You can check out here to order it online from my store.  Sorry, no picture of it, I haven’t figured out how to put stock pictures on here!  I will be sending out free card packets to make to those who order.  If you have questions contact me here or call: 608-576-7103.


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