IT IS HERE! SU’s New Die Cut/Embossing Machine!

Good Afternoon!  I have tried all morning to get the video on here…. I think the brain cells for doing that have totally disappeared!  I will get someone in next week to help me!  So there is a video on Face Book you can see, but I went back and took just photo shots so you could see how you could see how to get a machine free and some about the machines.This is the new Die Cutting and Embossing Machine!  Totally awesome.  I was not going to get one, but heard good things so I did.  I was surprised it is a heavy as the old one, but much more slick and modern looking!  Strong, did I mention Strong!  Love the handle and all the SU Labels on it.  Very easy to store.

The Machine comes with plates.  THEY ARE NUMBERED!!! Even I can count to 5 – I only need to count to 4 to use them. 

 Two #3 plates which are cutting plates like before.  Hope these won’t bend.  I seem to have lost #2 – but I promise it will be in your box if you win the FREE machine.

Below is the contest – with the Host Code for online ordering (Yup, forgot that last night!)  I will be checking in here and on FB during the week to let you know how it is coming.  I am really excited to get to $1,000.00 in sales so one of you will get a new machine delivered right to your house.

Thank you for staying with me and choosing me to be your demonstrator.  I have found the best people through stamping.  It is like finding your Tribe!  Okay now go find Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas toys to buy!  Have fun.

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