National Read A Book Day!

Books to be Reading Again.

Books by my chair to read again.  I usually go by author, but sometimes I go by subject.

What books did or are you reading?  I love my books.  I usually have one or more going at a time.  I re-read them, time after time.  I love that I can still take time to read and run my Card Business. 

When we were cleaning out the basement and Rachel was having a garage sale for me, there were a few unbelieving people, that could not believe that I had 3,000 + books to bring up to sell (this did not count the books upstairs!).  So they were counted on the way up!  Can you guess?  Yes, 3,254 books!  But I do re-read them over and over.  Boy, that kind of sounded like why I have so many stamps!  Could I just be a horder?  Nope! Just a reader and a stamper!

So what are you reading? I am rereading James Patterson, The 18th Abduction.  Share what you are reading here or on my FB Page here.

Happy National Read A Book Day!

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