Creating a foil background

2013 Need for Speed 001Q:  How do I create a foil background?

A:  This really cool looking background is SOOOO easy to do and makes a great "bling addition" for those man cards like Dad's Day or for your graduate.

What you need:   a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, a piece of card stock cut to the finished size, adhesive and an embossing folder.

2013 June Q&A 001

Put adhesive on your piece of card stock.

2013 June Q&A 002

Adhere the card stock to the matte side of the aluminum foil

2013 june q&a 003

Add adhesive along the edges of the card stock and the aluminum foil.

2013 June Q&A 004

Then fold the aluminum foil over the card stock trimming the foil if needed.

2013 June Q&A 005

Make sure to trim the corners to get rid of the extra tab.  Just cut the foil on the back at an angle.

2013 June q&A 006

Here is the foil covered piece of card stock.  Don't worry about the wrinkles.

2013 June Q&A 007

Put the foil covered card stock in your embossing folder.    We used the Houndstooth embossing folder to give it that metal look.  The Chevron embossing folder also works great with the car.  Then run it through your Big Shot just like normal.

2013 June Q&A 008

It's finished!  The Big Shot irons out all the unwanted wrinkles and leaves just the embossed image.

2013 June Q&A 009

Looks awesome!

2013 June Q&A 010

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