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2013 June featured 182 (2)

This is one of my most fun things to make!  We did just make one of these at the Spring Fling.  You really want to come to our next weekend event – Fall Frolic.  It's scheduled for August 23rd through August 25th and is going to be held in Madison at the Best Western Suites by East Towne Mall (same hotel as the Spring Fling!).  It was so funny, the ladies were so exhausted.  They didn't realize how many cards and projects they were going to make.  This was one of the last projects of the weekend and Ann said "It can't be as easy as you say".  But as we were making it, she exclaimed "This WAS as easy as you said.  This WAS one of the easy ones!" 

These are the fun envelope scrapbook.  All you need is a 1/2 of a Simply Scrappin" Kit (or some paper and stamps!), adhesive and 13 envelopes and you too can create this scrapbook!   So, you can get 2 scrapbooks from 1 kit with leftover items too!  You will need to add a couple of sheets of 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock for the cards inside. 

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Those of you that have those old scrapbook kits that you don't know what to do with them?  This is a great way to use your resources!  These books can be used for anything.  We have used them for kids birthday parties – We took pictures are the kids walked in, and then let them say something or decorate one of the cards.   We've used them for weddings for people who have advice for the bride.  We used them for showers where they want to give them recipes.  One of the greatest things we've done with this – New Mom's love this!  This makes a great first year of the baby.  There are 12 envelopes inside, so the new Mom can simply jot down their thoughts as the months go by.  It is easy to add the pictures later, but it's much harder to remember those special feelings and moments, like the first smile.  Mom's are way to busy to scrapbook but this is a great way to document that journey that will be a treasured keepsake as the years go by.  

The original one that we made was the family one in the picture above.  That's probably 8 years ago that we first made that.

So, what you do is first cut one of the 12 x 12 paper in half.    Then you will score the paper at 6" and again at 7".    Your right and left flaps will be 6 x 6 and the back is where you will overlap them.  You will not see the seam because you will put a 6×6 page over the top of that.

2013 June featured 180 (2)

You then attach the envelopes one on top of the other using green glue or redliner tape.  Don't rely on the envelope adhesive as that will just come apart.  Adhere the first flap of the envelope to the middle 6" section of the scrapbook.  Adhere the next envelope flap to the first envelope and so on until all are adhered to each other.

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2013 June Featured 181 (2)

With a 1/2 of a scrapbook kit, you have tons of stuff left to embellish your scrapbook.  If this is a gift, you can give the 'extras" to them so they can use them to decorate the pages as they want.

You can use the extra items to decorate the covers, and add pages to the inside of the envelopes.  You can create tabs and extra pockets.  Be creative and have fun! 

2013 June featured 179 (2)   

This is what was left over from 1/2 of a scrapbook kit!    You have plenty of "stuff" available to decorate your scrapbook!

2013 June Featured 183 (3) 

Here is the finished cover ready for personalizing!

2013 June Featured 177 (2)

Come join us at our Fall Frolic!  We look forward to seeing you there!


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