You are INVITED!

Catalog Sneak Peek Party & Garage Sale! 


You are INVITED! 

The Hostess Sneak Peek & Dessert Party is Friday, May 30th from 6pm to 8pm.  
You must RSVP! (E-mail us HERE)
And it is not too late to be a hostess!   Place your $150 order today!

The Customer Party & Garage Sale is Saturday, May 31st from 8am to 3pm. 
Buy from the used sale and get credit to use in June 2014 in the new catalog! 

Please attend!  We have a ton of used items for sale and we are so excited about the new catalog!

IT'S SPRING!  Finally!   So, in line with the fresh, new ideas, we are trying something for the first time at our annual sale on Saturday, May 31st. We will have a new component where you will get credit to use in June in the new catalog equal to the amount you spend at the sale. So, say you spend $30 buying retired paper, card stock or stamps… You would get a $30 credit to use in June 2014 in the new catalog with us.

The question everyone is asking is WHY are you doing this?  It sounds like a great deal for ME but not for Crazysustampers?   Well, it is a GREAT thing for us too…  With a grandson and a dog, we really want more ROOM so to speak, so we are being ruthless in getting rid of retired stuff.  And, we really love the new catalog and want you to get your new TOYS quickly so what better way to convince you all to take our stuff off our hands AND allow us to get new toys in your hands?   So we are really looking forward to having you all come and see all the new toys and buying some of your favorite things you missed, like favorite card stock or paper or that stamp that you now regret not buying earlier.  We will have stamps, pre cut paper & accessories galore!

Have you been a hostess this year?  If you had a book party of more than $150 or if you hosted a workshop, these both count as an hostess.   You are eligible to attend the EARLY sale on Friday, May 30th from 6pm to 8pm.  PLEASE RSVP though! 

Be sure to stop by and see the new catalog, actually see some new products and enjoy catching up with us. 

Call Us at (608) 237-7103 or e-mail us HERE!


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