Customer Appreciatiaon and….



Wendy has been whining and moaning about turning 50 and I promised not to do anything at her work that even hinted of OVER THE HILL, so with our customers we planned to include it in Customer Appreciation. 


 Now Customer Appreciation starts at 6PM and she was expecting that party – but one of our customers – Diane called at 5:30 and because of knee surgery could not fit in Coletta’s little car so, would Wendy or I mind picking her up…. of course not (we planned this to get Wendy out of the house so I could decorate!)  Viv had came early and helped me put up all the 50th party things.  Renee and Jared had been over during the day helping with customer appreciation things.  So here is a picture of Wendy coming in! 

Wendy 50th

She was so surprised. 

The funny of this party is Diane had bought 50 black roses for me to give to Wendy way back in early October – and the reason you don’t see them is I put them some place very safe to hid them from Wendy … yes, one of those safe places that will remain safe until…. forever!


Here is some of the food for Customer Appreciation – we always have Lodi sausage, cheese, crackers and of course sugar.

This was the favorite card everyone wanted to make for the make and take.  We also had a gift card, masculine card and a little box to make.

CHristmas Purple

If you want to know how to make this card, email me and I can set up a time for you to come play!

My puppy slept great until about 11:15 ish and then got up played a while and went back to bed  – he was so good.  (A tired puppy is a happy puppy!)

AND to top off customer appreciation the SNOW started around 11:30.  Nothing could have been better (according me Wendy says) – fire in the fire place, good friends, and SNOW!

Enjoy the pictures, I will share more later.  Hope you will join us next year!

Happy Stamping!

Cheryl & Wendy


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