Happy Birthday Wendy Dec 2nd Christmas Card

As happens so often with people who have birthday's in December they tend to get birthday and Christmas mixed together.  Here there was no mixing…. it was totally Christmas!  I gave her a Christmas tree for her birthday.  Now this is not just any tree it is a special kind of tree that she loves and I hate.  It had these fiber optic needles so the colors change.  Okay, Wendy had a tree like this when I meet her and it "accidently" got thrown away (never guess how that happened)!.  Then my neighbor, who was not having any more children, had the garage sale, sold all baby things and you guessed, got pregent again.  She mentioned that she really liked looking at the tree when she was nursing the last baby.  So after Christmas I went out and bought one of these crazy trees, set it up in February and left it there.  Finally the tree stopped working last year – the baby is 4 I think.  Wendy asked me why I would buy the neighbor a tree but not her.  Told her if she got pregent and was nursing I would buy her any tree she wanted!  Well, so Wendy IS NOT pregant but I got her the tree today.  Happy Birthday!

Now the card for the day!

Oct DL.Oct class.tree 13434The fun thing about this card is it is made from wrapping paper!  I cased it, but added bling on each snowflakes, and then a snowflake with bling in the middle.  They white ovals are printed on the wrapping paper.  This is also a fast and easy card.  Not flat but our PO let us use regular postage.  See the list below for what was used.  Please shop with us, you can do it by clicking on "shop" on the top of the blog.  If you are not spending $150 for your own party you can use the hostess code 6CVWMJ4F and get a chance to be one of our mystery hostess.


If you have any questions, let us know.  Have a good Tuesday and stay warm.

Happy Stamping!

Cheryl & Wendy

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