The 12 days of Stampin’Up

This year, we are taking Wendy's Grandson & his friend Jared (the rent-a-kid) skiing at Tyrol Basin (We just LOVE the down home family feel to this ski hill and highly recommend it!) at least once a week.  As you can quess, we spend a lot of time driving in the car.   And since Cheryl LOVES Christmas, it was decided to have the boys learn a new Christmas song this year.   The song, 12 days of Christmas, was chosen especially for it's repetitive nature.  How could you NOT learn it after singing it for 12 times in a row?  The boys are getting better.  They have the 5 golden rings and the partridge in a pear tree part down pat.   The rest…  well, it's a work in progress.

However, being Stampin'Up Demonstrators, maybe we should have taught them THIS VERSION INSTEAD!!! 


Happy Stamping!


Wendy & Cheryl

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