Fun New Promotions for our Wonderful Preferred Customers! YOU!

FIRST thing is Be A VIP by BYOF!  Bring Your Own Friends to class!   

If you bring a new customer to one of our classes YOU and YOUR friend get a set of VIP cards.  This set will include three cards that are step ups from ones we do in class.  If you bring more than 1 friend to a class, all of your friends will receive the cards and YOU will receive a card set for EACH of the friends you bring.  You and your friends will also be invited to a special VIP Party on January 4th 2013.  We have three different sets of cards so start inviting your friends to come play with you.  You will want all 3 sets!  This is only for classes not for workshops.  

Click HERE to see our upcoming Event Calendar.



Next thing is the PPC. The Preferred Customer Token!

FSummer Smooches Tagor every $50 you spend you get a token. But you must spend at least $50 before shipping to get the token. And you get an additional token for each additional $50 you spend. So, if you spend $50, you get 1 token. If you spend $101 and you get 2 tokens. After you have 10 tokens you get $25.00 off any merchandise in the catalog or current mini catalog. You will get the token with your order. If you order on line or through email you will get the token with your order as well. If your order is sent directly to you from SU, we will send the token to you when we get confirmation from SU for the order. When you have ten token you turn them into us for your $25 discount. Keep track of your tokens though. We are not responsible for lost or misplaced tokens.

As Always, Call us at (608) 237-7103 or e-mail us HERE!


Happy Stamping!


Wendy & Cheryl



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