Learning to Add Pictures!

Really – you come for the pictures and the directions… I do.  So I just finished the second tutorial tonight to figure out adding pictures…. so you are not sent from the blog to FB, but come to the blog from FB…. okay, let's try this again….followed all the steps and it did not work… yet again…. I LOVE COMPUTERS…..











IT worked…. Now what did I do?












Twice….. now to get them to look good.  Well three times but I can't figure out the words and pictures…. but you have pictures…..Yay!  Okay, leave a comment here and I will send you a card… I am much better with cards than computers… even though I LOVE my Mac!

Okay…. Enough for tonight… I can only learn so much in a day…. leave a comment!


Happy Stamping!

Cheryl & Wendy  (Wendy who is now cooking dinner…. fish and rice if you wanted to know…. lots of protien!)






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  1. Holly says:

    Yay! You can add pictures!!!! You’re learning a little bit more every day!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Holly!

  3. Diane says:

    you girls crack me up.

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