IT SNOWED!!! and again!

So excited Sunday night to see the beautiful snow!
The picture of snow falling is out my kitchen door.
AND….. for those of you who think all I do is play in the snow… pictures of the driveway I shoveled!
I know big deal – but it is one of the very few times I have actually shoveled in the 20+ years I have lived here. My neighbor – Audrey came out and helped with the top of the driveway where the street plow had heaped up the snow and her daughter (the baby who is almost all grown up!) come out to help too.
Her husband, Jesse said once – years ago – but I remembered – that it was important how you shoveled the first snow as that makes the boundaries for the rest of the season – or something close to that. That is why the picture shows shoveling on the grass. I did leave some parts for him to plow!!
Now today it has been snowing all day!  Beautiful but heavier than it looked.  Jesse – neighbor – plowed about 6:30pm for me.  I know it was heavier than it looked because I did the back steps for the dog – who still does not like snow!
Do you have animals?  Do they like the snow?

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