Stampin’UP! is having a 24 Hour sale!

Click here to see the list of stamps from the Annual catalog!  The host code to use is: FZCWFNYC.  Any orders of $100.00 will get a free box!

Boxes!  Boxes!  Boxes!  What are you talking about?!?  Well, as part of downsizing we have been working for a few weeks to put together boxes of retired items for you to buy (or get free with a $100.00 order from my online store HERE).  These boxes are $50.00 plus shipping and they have $150-$200.00 worth of products in them.  There are a few Christmas/Holiday ones, 5 InColor Boxes and the rest are a mix of things, Every box will be different but with similar items to the photos below.  The products are as is.  Some products have never been used and other have been used. 

I tried to match bundles together.  Like if I had a stamp set and die that went together they are in the box together.  I did not always have both.  If I had DSP that match or embellishments they are included in the box… see why it took weeks.  Below are a couple of pictures to show you what is in a box.

This is a Christmas box.  you can see it has stamps, you can’t see the two die under the wreaths, embossing folder that matched and the DSP.

This is a general box.  You can see I had the DSP, ribbon, stamp set and dies all for Animal Outings.  I also had the Little Ladybugs stamp and dies (was going to use them for Bingo…and Covid happened!).  There is an additional Tea set and dies. I think there are two more stamp set as well as various embellishments, embossing folder, and ink pad.

Another General box, with DSP, stamp set, dies, embellishments, ink pads.  The embellishments often have more than what came in the container as I would combine all my like embellishments together.

This a look (with my messy kitchen cropped out) of part of one of the many tables set up to make sure each box was filled to the top!

Check out the 24 Hour sale and order boxes!  These boxes will be great fun to open.  Just email me:  wmc@crazysustampers.com  that you want a box and I will sent you a paypal link.


Leader’s Summit Stampin’UP!

This has been a great but long week end.  I attended a virtual Leader’s Summit.  It was totally amazing! 

It started with getting a box in the mail about two weeks ago – that we were not to share – just open and be sure it was okay. 

Thursday Night the summit started off with a toast – yes, that was what was in the box from Tiffany’s glasses to toast with.  This was how the summit ended as well. 

We had the opportunity to hear leaders in the industry such as Brenda Ster and Lisa Carmen Wang.  There was also many top demonstrator as presenters.  We also got to go into small (6-9 people) breakout session with people  from all over the Globe. 

One night we went virtually to Sara’s house and Sara and Shelli cooked dessert’s for us.  Sara’s was a Texas sheet cake that I love.

It was totally incredible.  Really help me realize what a great company I work with.

Only one not too happy with me being on the computer all week end was Rory!  Yes, he got to go out and to play but not as much as usual.  Guess who thinks he runs the house.  I will share pictures later in the week – He has gotten huge… and is teething… I think I am too old for this.

Thanks for being here!

Glasses from Tiffany’s

Cooking at Sara’s – Look at those mixer’s!

Closing toast to us from the Leader’s of Stampin’UP!

IT IS HERE! SU’s New Die Cut/Embossing Machine!

Good Afternoon!  I have tried all morning to get the video on here…. I think the brain cells for doing that have totally disappeared!  I will get someone in next week to help me!  So there is a video on Face Book you can see, but I went back and took just photo shots so you could see how you could see how to get a machine free and some about the machines.This is the new Die Cutting and Embossing Machine!  Totally awesome.  I was not going to get one, but heard good things so I did.  I was surprised it is a heavy as the old one, but much more slick and modern looking!  Strong, did I mention Strong!  Love the handle and all the SU Labels on it.  Very easy to store.

The Machine comes with plates.  THEY ARE NUMBERED!!! Even I can count to 5 – I only need to count to 4 to use them. 

 Two #3 plates which are cutting plates like before.  Hope these won’t bend.  I seem to have lost #2 – but I promise it will be in your box if you win the FREE machine.

Below is the contest – with the Host Code for online ordering (Yup, forgot that last night!)  I will be checking in here and on FB during the week to let you know how it is coming.  I am really excited to get to $1,000.00 in sales so one of you will get a new machine delivered right to your house.

Thank you for staying with me and choosing me to be your demonstrator.  I have found the best people through stamping.  It is like finding your Tribe!  Okay now go find Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas toys to buy!  Have fun.

Tonight at 7:00pm Central time – Face Book Live!

Yes, here is the box – yes, still unopened….. very, very not like me.  I usually tear into Stampin’UP! boxes as soon as they get here!  Come laugh with us on FaceBook Live tonight and see not only the box opening, but how the machine works and how you can get entered to get one FREE!  On FB look for CrazySUStampers. 

If you can’t make it live I will have a video here (fingers crossed) later in the night.

Yes, there will be a lot of laughter, so bring your chocolate and a drink and come laugh with us.  Even if it is upside down and backwards!

FaceBook Live Tuesday night 8/25 7:00pm! Come Laugh!

Come join me in Face Book Live to see the new Embossing/Die Machine and to announce how to get one FREE!  There will be much laughter – yes, I have been practicing!  Bring your chocolate and a drink!
I know that most of you have had the New Christmas Mini Catalog for a month now…Little hard to get into Christmas with it in the 90’s?
From now on Stampin’UP! will be starting the Christmas Catalog in August. No, SU did not provide any snow for August!  The annual catalog will start in May.
I have my new Die/Embossing Machine I am going to open live and show you what it can do. I would have a picture of it here – but it actually is still in the box!  Why? I have to get into the virtual world… I will be providing a lot of laughter with my mistakes! I also thought I would thank you all for helping me stay in business during this “NEW” time. I know this is new and scary for a lot of us.
I will be having a one week contest for a FREE Die/Embossing machine.
Remember in class when you put your card front on the card base upside down or backwards and I would say send it to your upside down and backwards friends? Well you may be seeing me upside down and the words backwards on the FB live! We can laugh together. I have been practicing, we will still be laughing.
I hope you will be able to join me on Tuesday night at 7pm Central time. Check out my blog later that night if you can’t join in person.
If by some chance you did not get your Christmas Catalog let me know and I will be more than happy to get one to you.
Yes, there is a good, very good chance you might see some other new product – I never have been good with secrets!
Thanks for choosing me as your stamping demonstrator!

Checking out my Blog! NEW TOYS!

Yes, I am hoping this works.  I have been trying to learn how to add payments to this… not happening fast!  Also been spending hours learning how to work online… still learning!  What a different world we are living in.

So how are you?  On the front lines – thank you.  Home with kids – good thing they can go outside a bit.  Home alone – send out some cards and see the happiness that flows.

I spent a couple hours in the yard.  The front bushes  got trimmed – okay, no laughing, they will look a little better after a few days!

Did this with A LOT of help from my friend.  Yes, that is a circle garden of flowers in the middle of the lawn, who knows why it is there!

The reward was not only getting the bushes clipped and things racked out but seeing the flowers start to come out!

Share some pictures of what you have been doing!

To Business, Stampin’UP! has a special preview coming out April 1st, yes, tomorrow.  It is a suite called the Ornate Garden Suite.  It has two bundle included in it; Ornate Thanks Bundle and Ornate Style Bundle.  The suite also includes an Embossing Folder Special DSP, Gems and Ribbon.  This is a sneak peak as this bundle will be in the new catalog!  BUT the best thing is…. Stampin’UP! has it in stock, in Utah, in the warehouse – sooooo – NO Back Orders! I would recommand getting it as soon as you can as no matter how many SU has in the warehouse you know we are all just not patient when it comes to new toys!

I am really excited about this kit – there is an additional sneak peek – the DSP has one of the new InColors in it!  I will be making video’s of how to use it, have some online lives during the month to make cards together.  If you buy the entire suite or just the bundles it will be fun to play during this next month of “stay at home”.  You can check out here to order it online from my store.  Sorry, no picture of it, I haven’t figured out how to put stock pictures on here!  I will be sending out free card packets to make to those who order.  If you have questions contact me here or call: 608-576-7103.


The Trees Are Down

Well, actually they have been done for a few weeks now.  One of the top of my Home To Do List was getting the trees cut back and cut down.  I am talking Huge, Huge Oaks cut back so that the branches would not fall on my house or the shed and that the Huge (think 3 time higher than the house) Dead Oak be cut done so it didn’t fall on the neighbors houses.  It was such a relief when they were done.  Oh, and all the relief came pouring back last night when the wind speeds were 35 – 40 miles per hour.  I did not have to worry about the trees!  Here are a couple of picture of them.  I think a good set to scrape book this will be Rooted in Nature – what would you use?

Oak Trees Down

The big tree is from the back, all the other ones were from the front.  I put a shoe there to give you some size.

that is my roof!

Okay this is my house on the right and you can see one of the places that the limbs were cut off so …. no more branches over my house.  The house directly in the middle of the picture is the side of my neighbor’s three story house and the tree in front also got cut. 

Great by product – well probably many, but one is Jesse has wood to chop on when he gets mad, and I have a ton of wood for heating for the next year or two!

Thanks for sharing my world today!


Spring is HERE!

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin.  Weekend had a highs in the 50’s and the snow that fell last night is already gone.

Today was the first day of the new SAB 2nd release.  You will want the DSP.  Check it out HERE.

I thought I would share a Get Well card.  Making cards with the Tulips stamps and Punch is so easy.

Let me know if you and your friends would like a class or a Girls Night Out.  I am having a Bingo Night at the end of the month with great prizes and a huge Black Out for the last game.

Tomorrow and Today!

Tomorrow first!

No photo description available.Stampin’UP! is having a one day flash sale that is Free shipping!  Starts at 12:01 am tonight and goes until 11:50 pm tomorrow!

This is a great time to stock up on items from the clearance rack and card stock!


Ok, Today – We are doing the last room upstairs.  This was David’s room so it has a lot of David and Wendy memories.  We are going to take everything out, move the bed out and then put shelves in and then put boxes back in on shelves for me to go through.  NOT GOING THROUGH ALL THE BOXES TODAY.  I will be going through the boxes as I can process the memories.  My great team is helping – it was really their idea to do it today, tomorrow and Thursday and then have team here for meeting on Friday and can help finish up.  This is the only room in the top of the house that has not been gone through, cleaned, cleared out, sorted, remade into what I wanted, and kept up.  This is also the most emotional charged room since so many good memories are with this room. So I have one picture of the room before.  I will share the after!  Send prayers this way this week!

Happy Stamping!


Online Extravaganza Sale is Here!

Woohoo! Online Extravaganza Sale on NOW for 3 days only! 20-22 November
Don’t miss out on big savings! Want even bigger savings? You can join my team & get 20% off & then buy from the sale & get an additional 15% off! Double up on your savings!

Get ready for three days of savings with the Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza! For three days only, you can get these deals:

15% off Ink pads and Cardstock in:

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Take Additional 5% off the original 10% discount:

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Check out all the deals HERE.

I am going to be stocking up on Real Red (can’t keep it on hand!), Merry Merlot, all my browns, Smoky Slate, all my fall colors I have used up.. oh, you know… everything!

Remember Snowflakes Rewards apply.  Check out the form HERE. 

Thank you for choosing me to be your Stampin’UP! Demonstrator!  I am here for all your questions and to help you play more!  You can email HERE or call me at 608-571-3319.     

15% OFF Stamp Sale – Just on Wednesday October 23rd

Stampin’UP! is having a Flash Sale – Wow, the words I am building into my vocabulary!  Yes, SU is have a 24 hour Flash Sale on October 23rd from 12:01am to 11:50pm.  Well, for 24 hours ending at 11:50pm on the 23rd.  Here is a list of what will be on sale.  This would be a great time to get a set you have “just wanted” or to buy a Christmas gift for a stamping buddy!  Shop here.

Below are a couple of the cards we made at class last week using two of the sets on sale.

Back on Your Feet    Page  83

Very Versailles   page 113

Join me in the special Flash Sale.  You can shop here, yes, you can add things other than stamps!

Thanks for stamping and shopping with me!

Funny story while we wait for the NEW Holiday Catalog!

I have this really good friend in my life that has really lead me through the last few years, and today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Kim!  She also leads my support team and we had a team meeting scheduled for this am.  I wanted to surprise her with a cake.  Okay, here is the disclaimer – I can hardly cook let alone bake.  I can make one spring summer dessert – Lemon Mousse – that is it.  I really believe in Whole Foods Bakery and Godiva Chocolates. 

So you ready for a funny – looking back funny story – we have a about 10 hours until we can order from the Holiday Catalog – no, the story is not 10 hours long – but almost!

I find a cake recipe online at Delish (I have used them for a couple of recipes before) that sound great – oh, she loves lemon and I am sure she thought I was going to make the Lemon Mousse – the recipe is: Bursting Berry Lemon Bundt Cake.  Cake ! Cake – how much different is a bundt cake from a flat cake ?

I call my neighbor – who is an awesome baker, her husband also bakes great apple pies – and ask to borrow her bundt pan.  She brings it over.  Okay, you know how when you want to really do something nice for someone and you want it perfect – but since it is totally new your afraid to take the first step… that is where I was at.

I have the recipe, have all the things it said I would need.  Ready to go.  Pull out everything I think might be used in baking – see the picture – not knowing what two even are for.  I know the pan has to be buttered and floured – I can do this and if after the first coating of flour there are any holes you spray it with Pam and flour again (thanks Marie!).  Okay did this over sink.  Looks good to me.  About a half of cup or so of flour in sink – no idea to even think this is a problem – yet.

Now mix flour, powder, salt with whisk – okay, no problem.  Wait – they are all white – HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THEY ARE MIXED??  Google (You know computers and I have a mutual hate..not like… each other society, so really stepping out here using google) No great answer – okay, just going to guess this is mixed okay.

Now have butter soften on counter and eggs at room temperature.  Beat with mixer on high 4 minutes or until LIGHT AND FLUFFY!  Really – google again – oops definitely not about cooking.  So WHAT is LIGHT AND FLUFFY (a cat!).  Butter and sugar were mixed after 30 seconds, never changed color..so…. LIGHT AND FLUFFY – who knows going with 4 minutes.  

Add eggs one at time – hint here – do NOT crack eggs on side of bowl..yes, I hear you laughing.  On third time at making this cake watched a google Utube of all the eggs going in at once…so many different ways.  Eggs in.  (Yes, it took three tries to get the cake done – funny now, not so funny at the time – learning new skills is hard!)

Now need Lemon peel… see dangerous item picture… Which side, how do you do it and not get to the middle part of the lemon, it does not say to wash first – but of course you do – oh, hint here too – this item, machine, gadget EATS YOUR THUMB KNUCKLE!  No Utube on how to get lemon peel.  No blood in batter.  Okay, have the lemon like shaved around –  NO peel – you have to put you hand inside and it drops on your hand – really, all this for a Tablespoon of lemon peel.  Yes, going to do this right.

Vanilla – easy, I know I have this – really I have friend who bring real vanilla back for me from Mexico.  Yes, it too has disappeared like – really! – now! – okay in the back and I mean back back (get up on a stool to find and reach) of cabinet is a bottle from Watkins with about a inch in it – okay, that will work, only need 1 teaspoon (well, 3 teaspoons in the end) Okay that in.

Beat in flour mixture and buttermilk alternately.  I have this – and I beat it really good  each time, a lot – on all three attempts.  When the third try is in the oven I am reading -google- and you mix these in separately so you DON’T OVER MIX AND MAKE THE CAKE DENSE!  Is it me or should that not be IN the directions!  Do like all of you that bake just know these things?!?!?  My cake will be dense.

Now, before I FOLD IN – google – oh, means use that white thingy you scrap sides with – the blueberries I taste the batter from the mixer beater… bad – gross – like sour milk old fruit – yukky, yukky, yukky.  Definitely something wrong… google – bad taste, sour milk, old lemons (I know I just bought them!) no good answers.  Okay, not even heat can help this – into the sink – with the flour… batter goes down, but what is this white paste?!?!  Big Hint here – do not leave flour and water in your sink to set – it makes PASTE you have to DIG off.

I decide am going to do this again – use new jar of curd (first one was opened a week before, but you know it had to be something).  Repeat above with all same questions, wondering which other things could have made it bad.  The lemon peel – nope that tasted okay.  So maybe it was the curd, test taste – okay, added blueberries. I have the pan still ready to go. 

Into the oven – timer set.  Cake cooking – cook 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 minutes or UNTIL TOOTHPICK INSERTED IN CENTER COME OUT CLEAN?!?!?!  Uhmmmm…. the bundt cake has a hole in the center – so you mean – around the edges????  Google – totally different instructions — until the sides pull away.  Okay, toothpick sort of dry, sides push away okay.  I did it…..now just cool completely on wire rack.  I have this down.  So excited.  Work on Stamping things – class schedule, Bundle Sale, newsletter… Finally pan is cool to touch.  Have a large plate to tip it onto …. Ready  ….. TOTALLY FALLS OUT!  As in no piece bigger than 2 inches.  Not happy, not good.  BUT it taste really good. Come on Cheryl, just make the Lemon Mousse!

Nope – google – All different information.  Most sites saying to cool for up to 20 minutes on wire rack then take out of pan and cool completely.  Okay – Round three – last try as it is now close to midnight and I only have enough ingredients to make one more.

No questions about mixing whites, light and fluffy, folding in… just do it.  Oh, yes have to wash and re-flour pan…. more paste on sink – but know how to scrub!

Cake out of oven, on wire rack for 20 minutes, use knife on side to pull away – and a cake IN ONE PIECE on the plate.  I can bake!  Went to bed, got up and did topping in am – I know how to mix lemon and Heavy Whipping cream as use those for the mousse.  Cake ready by 9:00am.  Friend and team like and say it is great. 

Took pan back with a piece of cake to neighbor – the baker, who I now am in total awe of – says it is good.  PAN no longer in my house – never can cook this again, but so glad i did.

These things are in the same cabinet as mixer must be used for domething!

Baking Tools?!?!

Dangerous knuckle eating tool. Like who invented this and why are they all together instead of one each????

Batter in Bundt Pan.

Batter in buttered floured bundt pan. Taste good – yes I checked out the beaters – remember the first try!

A cake, a whole cake!

I can BAKE! Not really. But a WHOLE cake on a plate, not in crumbles. Not burnt. Okay A CAKE!

Finished Cake!

The final product! Really Good thing I teach card making and NOT baking! I know the frosting top is good and hand checked each blueberry! Yes, that is extra lemon peel on the top too, I added it like an embellishment.  Cake made with love.  Learning this friend thing!

So this is my crazy day – what did you try that was crazy but was for a friend so you did it?  Share!  Thanks for reading my saga…. Just think you are so much closer to being able to order!  Use the September Host Code:  7TXFA7Y6 and you can order online here.  Remember to check you newsletter for the different bundles with free classes for each month.  This way you can spread out your spending.  I was going to say budget your spending but budget and stamping do NOT belong in the same sentence!  My extra classes are in the newsletter and will be on the new Calendar site after September 10th!  I am very excited to use this new upgraded calendar site.  Happy card making and to you bakers – my hat is off to you!