Only 6 more….

There is still time to sign up for Paper Pumpkin and take advantage of the HALF OFF special currently going on. 

So, the challenge to you was for FIFTEEN New People to sign up for this special Paper Pumpkin promotion – are you crazy?  Yes, I have been called that on a regular basis… but if we get 15 12 6 new people, everyone who signed up will get a gift from me.  

WAIT!  Last I heard…  It's now only 6 new people!  Thanks to everyone that signed up so far.   Haven't signed up yet?  DO NOT miss out! 

Isn't that a bribe?  Yes, I believe in the bribe system…. it always works for me… so thought I would try with YOU!

Okay, what is a Paper Pumpkin?  This is a kit of cards, journals, treat bags – all diffeent things that come to your house each month from Stampin'UP!  that have everything you need to make some really fast and really fun projects.  I really mean EVERYTHING you need – paper, ink, adhesive EVERYTHING!  

How much are they and what is the sale?  Paper Pumpkin is usually $19.95 amonth for everyhting, BUT if you sign up before September 10th you can get your first two months for HALF PRICE!  That is right September and October's for only $9.97!  

Well, what do the projects look like?  Even we don't know from month to month BUT at comvention in July they let us make one – you get six – of the September ones…. want to see it?

Convention Projects.Oct Paper Pumpkins 13429

These are the two we made… and filled with Chocolate of course!  But look at all the stuff we had left over:Convention Projects.Oct Paper Pumpkins 13431

AMAZING!  We used some of it on cards you will see this week.  

Okay, How can I get this great deal?   Go to and click on subscribe… and before your leave that first page – right under the price- in the box on the right (Yes, I would need all thses details!)  add the Promo Code:  HALFOFF2…. then add your information and Wendy Fassbender as your demo and dah dah!  It will come to your house!  

We really appreciate you joining us.  This is another way you can help us earn the Mediterranean Cruise!  Remember we need 15 12 6 people so call, text, or email some of your friends so that when your Paper Pumpkin comes to your house you can have everyone over for a night of fun and chocolate, or wine, or…. you fill in the blank!  You will have a great time!

If you have any questions please let us know… 608-237-7103!

Call Us at (608) 237-7103 or e-mail us HERE!


BUT HURRY!   Time runs out on September 10th!

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