Boomerangs and more…

So you may be wondering how Cheryl knew how to get her boomerang to come back…

Kuranda 2001 boomerang

She took Boomerang lessons!

Kuranda Aborigine Boomerang 2030

They also learned about Spear Throwing. 

Cheryl writes, "They use these to kill everything from birds to large animals.  They can extend the spear by using the tool in his other hand."

Kuranda Spear throwing 2038

And about the didgeridoo  (dagga-yagga in their language). 

Kuranda didgeridoo 2088

I wanted to know what a didgeridoo sounded like so i found this youtube video I thought you might like:

I have many more pictures that they want me to share with you over the next couple of weeks so keep checking back to see more.

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