Climbing the Sydney Bridge!

Cheryl writes, "Well, we did it! While you all were asleep we walked over the Sydney Harbor Bridge! No kidding! Here is the picture to prove it. Are you amazed?…. I am! "

On top of the Bridge

This bridge was purposely created 2x as tall as the tallest spire of the Sydney Opera House.  This is the video that was taken on the top of the bridge.  Look at how small the cars look below! 

Here is a picture of the bridge that we walked over.  This picture was taken from the water.

Sydney bridge Canon 3970 (2)

And here is a picture of people walking over the bridge.  We REALLY did it.  Did you SEE how SMALL those people are?

walking on bridge

With a big THANK YOU EVERYONE for helping us earn this wonderful trip!


(Side note from Renee:  If you are interested in seeing what it was like climbing the bridge, check out this link from the tour company's website: )

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