Funny Story about Wendy & Nights

Okay so most of you know we got delayed by a day.  The night before we left there was no sleep as Wendy spent hours on the phone trying to get the seats right – we are not even going into how we need a different travel agent.  Well, we went to the Madison airport at 5:30 AM – no Cheryl was not even a happy camper but she was being very nice about it.  We got checked in – with our luggage checked all the way to Cairns we thought.  We got our seats.  Now the new flight was not leaving until one in the afternoon, so of course, Cheryl was all for going home for a nap.  We did.  We got back to the airport about 11:30 am.  Actually got on a plane about 12:30 –  then,  after sitting on the  plane for about a half and hour they said we had to get off the plane as their computers were not working and it shows only two people on the plane.  We get off the plane to discover that ALL of the American Airlines computers nation wide were not working!  Wendy called our travel agent. Travel agent didn't call back for six hours.  Called AA and they were on the phone with Wendy trying to get us a flight to LAX so we would miss our connection to Australia.  Cheryl had gone down to the other airlines and talked Delta into accepted a form from AA so we did not have to pay for the seats only for luggage.  AA had only seven of these forms so we were very happy that we got one.

So you are wondering how this involves Wendy and nights ….

Well we got to LAX and onto the Qantas flight to Brisbane – where we did have to get our luggage and then the last flight to Cairns.  So we were very tired.  Got to the hotel checked in.  Now it was late morning so we decided to walk around see some of of the city, have an early dinner and go to bed.

We did.

Then at 2:30 in the morning Wendy woke me up saying "hurry, get up, we are late, they are going to be here to get us."  Cheryl was like " my watch says it is 2:30 in the morning – go back to bed". Cheryl was not using a very sympathetic voice.  Wendy said I was wrong and she called the front desk…… Yup! It was 2:30 AM.   

Fast forward to the next night, again deep sleep, Cheryl wakes up with Wendy talking on the phone.   Our travel agent called to help with flights… really….it was 1:30 AM our time!

Third night ….. Wendy slept ….. Cheryl was so happy!

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