They found Nemo….

Cheryl writes: We just got back from our first day of diving in Fiji! So awesome! Saw schools of bright yellow, purple, blue fish….. And swim with them! Saw tons of Nemo fish. Saw beautiful coral of all colors. Had a wonderful guide. It was about 45 minutes out to the reef – little rough seas! Hope you all are well – leave me a comment so I know ….. I am missing home and you all!

This is real life under the water.  We saw Nemo and all his friends!

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  1. Karen D. says:

    Hi W & C! Sounds like you’re having a blast! You’ve worked hard for this trip so just enjoy! Thanks for sending us pics–the rest of us are soooo jealous! See you soon! Karen D.

  2. Cheryl N says:

    thanks Karen! IT has been awesome! Hope you will join us on the next one!

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