Train trip to Kuranda

I don't have a lot of pictures from Wendy & Cheryl yet but I am sure they will be e-mailing me more to post for you.

These pictures are of their train trip to Kuranda. 

Cheryl writes,

Beautiful trees and foliage – much like Hawaii.  Can you imagine the man hours and the work it took to make this railway?  It is in the middle of the rain forest so they had to be protected.  Some times the train is up against the side of the mountain on the left and fall hundreds of meters (that is my Aussie) drop down on the right.  Awesome tunnels and amazing curves.  The train whistle just blew time to go the rest of the way up top Kuranda.   We are looking forward to the animals…. crocodile, wombats, kangaroo and joey, and koala bears.

Here is the train they took to Kuranda.  This picture is from the train trip website.    

Promo Train Tour

While in Kuranda:   Koala Bears

Kuranda Wendy holding Koala

Kuranda Cheryl holding Koala  closeup450 

And Kangaroos:

Kuranda 1077 kangaroo
Cheryl petting a kangaroo

And Crocodiles:

Kuranda 1759 Crocodile
Yes, they are this big!  It was scary!

And what could be more Australian than Boomerangs!

Kuranda 2001 boomerang
Wendy and I both got a try at this…. I was way better!  No kidding I could get it to come back to me.


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