Worst thing about the hotel in Sydney..

How many times must I go by chocolate and not get any?

Every time we walked out of our hotel in Sydney, we passed not one, not two, but THREE chocolatiers!

It was very hard not to stop in and get a bite each time.

Finally, we went in to have breakfast – not for MY chocolate but for waffles for Wendy.  This was harder to find than you might imagine.

This is Wendy's coffee, served with chocolate.

chocolate coffee

Now this is hot chocolate.

chocolate hot

These were the ones Wendy ate my whole one when I offered her a bite

chocolate for wendy

chocolate for wendy 2

One of the shops has the most incredible chocolate art – you should see the shoes.

chocolate shoes

chocolate shoes 2

It doesn't get much better than this.  Chocolate AND shoes!

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