Clear mount stamps not sticking?

Q:  How do I get my clear mount stamps to stick to my blocks?

A:  This is a question that we hear a lot.  The clear mount stamps are a really nice addition to Stampin'Up line.  They allow you to "see" where you are stamping, do custom stamp arrangements and save storage space. 

The stamps come with a "cling" side that doesn't always stick to the block.  There are many different ideas on how to solve this problem, but this is the one we found that works the best for us.

Our secret is GREEN GLUE! Really, it's Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive (110755) but Green Glue is so much easier to say and it does have a green cover! 

As soon as we get a new Clear Mount stamp set, we put the labels on the stamps then add a dab of green glue.  Remember a little goes a long way.

Clear Block glue dot

Then smear it in with your finger and by the time you walk to the bathroom, clean your fingers and come back those stamps will be ready to use.  I can use those for an entire set of classes before I have to reapply the green glue.  So, if I have 2 classes with 12 people total and they each make 4 cards that's roughly 100 uses before I have to reapply the green glue.

Clear Block glue dot smeared

Just wanted to assure you that your blocks will not stay clean looking but this does not affect the stamps.  If they get too yucky – just wash and dry them.

Clear Block dirty block

So that's how we get our Clear Mount stamps to cling to our blocks.  A simple & easy way using a product you probably already have.

New to Clear Mount stamps?  Here is a Stampin'Up video telling you more about this wonderful new way to stamp.

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Happy Stamping!

Wendy & Cheryl

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  1. Tonda Baldwin says:

    Thanks for the tip. Tack it over and over, will last years. It does have to dry over night.

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