Mystery Object Revealed!

2014 April Green Glue HolderIf you have been following our FACEBOOK PAGE, you know that yesterday, April 1st, we put a picture up of something for you all to guess what it was.  And we had many people guess what it was.  Yes, it was a toothpick holder….  to hold your green glue!

Thanks to Diane for this great idea – Diane, take another bow!  You know how I am constantly saying to keep your green glue upside down.  Hold it upside down when you are working and then don't stand it upright, lay it on it's side or upside down so the glue will stay at the bottom. 

Well, Diane came to our last class with this really cool little holder.  So we are looking all over for toothpick holders.  Well, the two sisters – Take a bow too! – told me we could use shot glasses…  HMMMM, I wonder how they would know about that!  Or maybe votive holders.  What do you think would work well?

So, we are really excited about this great new idea.  So, if you are interested in checking out this great new idea, come to our Stamp-A-Stack class on Tuesday, April 15th – Yes, that is tax day. 

10 for $20
3rd Tuesday of the month, 9 am to 9 pm
Select up to 10 cards for $20!

The class will be the normal 10 for $20. Make any combination of up to 10 cards for $20.00. You will always have at least 3 choices of projects.   If you bring a friend who has never been to our classes you and the friend get to stamp for only $10.00 each. 

Class is going to be 9AM – 9PM.   Come and Go.  Come after you drop the kids off at school, or before you pick them up, come on your lunch break, come after work, or plan to meet some friends and have a fun night out.

Class will be held at Quality Inn & Suites, W9250 Prospect Drive, Lodi, WI, US, 53555

These classes will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. 
Mark your calendar's now for these class dates:    

April 15th         May 20th        June 17th

Call Us at (608) 237-7103 or e-mail us HERE!



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