Simply Pressed Clay Tip!

Q:   HELP!  I love this new Simply Pressed Clay, but it is sticking to the mold!


A:  This new Simply Pressed Clay is so fun and the bag makes so many fun items.  Here is how we use the molds so the clay doesn't stick.


FIRST – Use your embossing buddy!


SECOND – Make sure the clay is only in the mold, not around the edges.  You will need to adjust the amount of clay you use so there is no overlap.  You will be amazed at how little clay you will actually need to use.


THIRD – After you have your clay in the mold, put the mold in your freezer for 10 minutes before removing the clay from the mold.  You don't need to leave it longer.  


Remember, the clay stays soft and pliable.  It will not get hard but it will be more like foam.


We also found glue dots are the best way to attach the clay to your projects

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