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QUESTION:  I love the new Firm Foam Ink Pads especially for block stamps, but I am having trouble getting good crisp lines.  Do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER:   We are so excited about the new ink pads too!  This is definitely a change for the better! WET!  WET!  WET!  is the word you need to remember.  All it takes is a light touch to get your stamps fully inked.  No more tapping (pounding?) and twisting needed.  Isn't that great for all you that have trouble with your hands? Make sure to practice first, trying to get that light touch.  Just kiss the pad with the stamp.  This takes a bit to get used to… But you will LOVE the results once you get the hang of it! 

Stampin' Scrub

We recommend the New Improved Stampin' Scrub along with Stampin' Mist as must have accessories. 

The Stampin' Scrub dual-sided tray contains extra-large, washable, plush, black fiber scrub pads. Clean stamp on one side, blot dry on the other. Cleans very detailed stamps. Each tray side: 7" x 7".  

Stampin’ Mist is a specially formulated spray that both cleans and conditions your rubber stamps. You can spray it directly on your Stampin’ Scrub. It comes in a convenient spray bottle and refills are available. Cleans all types of ink from rubber.

You will find yourself wanting to clean your stamps more often since the new Firm Foam Pads are WET!   WET!   WET! 

This just makes stamp cleanup so easy – even Cheryl can do it!



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Happy Stamping!


Wendy & Cheryl

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