Tuesday’s Tools, Tips & Techniques!

Question:  How do you store your Framelits? 

Answer:  Don't you just love the new, versatile tools that make it so easy to see what you are cutting?  I love how you can use the exact size needed.  We found out quickly, though, how easy it was to bend these dies.  Here is how we store these and it seems to be working well.

How Framelits are packaged

The framelits come packaged in a cellophane bag, and are attached to a piece of cardboard with tape.  Make sure you are very careful when removing the frameltis from the tape as is it really easy to bend them as you can see in the picture below.

Framelits closeup showing tape

We have found that the Bulk Clear Mount Stamp Cases (119105) makes a great storage box. If you order these from us, we will include a magnet that you can attach to the inside.  You can also purchase the magnet sheet at a local store.  You can find ones that have a sticky back.  You don't need a big piece (in fact, we found we can cut the magnet in the picture in fourths and it will still work!)

Storing Framelits with magnet

The Bulk Clear Mount Stamp Cases come 4 to a pack.  The Cases are really useful for other things too.  We use them to store the Basic Pearls Jewel Accents (119247) and Basic Rhinestones Jewel Accents (119246).

Other uses for the Bulk Clear Mount Stamp Case

One more quick tip – If you are having a hard time keeping the die in place before sending it through the Big Shot, try using a post it note to hold the die to the paper.  It will hold it in place just enough, doesn't leave a reside and it is reusable.  Add the post it note to your Storage Case so it is handy when you go to use it.

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Happy Stamping!


 Wendy & Cheryl

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  1. What a great idea!  Can you bring one to show at the meeting?  I am going to do that to mine. 

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