Okay, so if you know me at all you know I am not a huge football fan… okay, not even a barely there football fan! 

Well, the WISCONSIN BADGERS played in the Rose Bowl against a Texas team – TCU.  You can imagine the excitement around Madison.  Being me, I was cheering for the Texas team and took a lot of harassment for it – and guess what…. TCU won!  Okay that was fun – even though the guys harassing me have not called to say how happy they are (NOT).

Well, today I watched the Packers play – yes, I watched the entire game – well, I think I missed the first couple of minutes of the game – I was there for all the excitement – which did not happen until the last quarter!  Yes, the Packers won – that means they are in the playoffs… am I a fan – well, not really, but the company at the party was fun!

What does this have to do with stamping – not anything.  I did set up my boxes for our first class that is next Saturday – are you coming?  Check here for the schedule.  When we have a long vacation like we took in December, I really miss our customers and all the fun we have together.  See you at class.

Happy Stamping!

Cheryl & Wendy

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