How do you get the Mold OFF??

This is why I don't blog… had the whole thing written and it disappeared!

Now, this is about stamping, well, kinda, sort of…. but you will be so glad there is NOT a picture!  We have an All Day Stamp Class one Saturday a Month – usually the first Saturday( ask me about this later if you want to come play, have fun and laugh… oh, and make a ton of cards), so the last one was early February and we have one this Saturday.  I was looking through all the bags I have laying around – yes, there are a lot – with help from Julie.  I come across a thermal bag  with a ziplock bag in it that is full of the utensils we used for lunch last month  – yes, lunch is provided.  Now the bag had handles that you could see and the rest of the bag was green and white… are you so happy I did not show you the picture!  Julie said I should ALWAY empty thermal bags first – WHO KNOW…. Yes, this was Wendy's job to unload.  And I think I missed the class where YOU ALL learned these things!  So I have them soaking in hot – I mean very HOT water and vinager (my solution to everything now – thanks Diane!) BUT the are not coming clean!  Like not even a lilttle.  So what do I do to clean these?  Some one out there must know – and just to make this about stamping I will send a card to everyone who sends me a solution that is NOT throw them out!

Come back tomorrow for a card and instructions but leave me help on today's New Normal!

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Trish Wood says:

    I would try Awesome or a good soak with water and throw a Mr Clean eraser in to soak with bags.

  2. Judy Lalor says:

    I heard about lining the bottom of a pan with dryer sheets and fill with warm water & your utensils and leave overnight..suppose to clean alot of things. I think they said they seen it on Martha Stewart ..hope this works for you!
    Judy Lalor

  3. Audrey says:

    Scrub them? Dishwasher? Buy new?

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